I am not an expert!

I am still battling my weight gains from when my thyroid first went. But each day, week, month and year gets me closer to a more comfortable weight, and understanding what my body needs these days. 

It has been 26 years now since I was fit and slim and healthy, so not only do I have to learn what works for me now to loose it but also what works for me now to maintain it.  Back then I didn't work that hard at it, but now I'm in my 40's AND blessed with this disease it's going to take some extra attention.

This page is here simply because I get this cry for help all the time. And it is soooo different for all of us, so I am just going to use this space to point you in a few directions to see what works and resonates with you.

So if you haven't already, you may want to read these articles:

As I learn more and discover more, I will add to this page. So please if there is something you have tried and it works for you, tell me about it, as others (including me) may find it works for us too.

What works for me

Personally I have found that juicing and the Gerson Therapy works for me.  I have only recently (like in the last month) discovered something pretty life changing for me.  

Firstly I will tell you that I visited a kind of a iridology guru many years ago. Some of you know how much I love iridology! Anyhoo, he said to me "If you can lose the fluid, you will lose half your weight" Great I thought! How do I do that? I tried a few things at the time then moved on to the next thing. But his words never left me.

Back to a few weeks ago and I decided I was going to have another go at ditching the fluid trapped in my body. I decided I would start the process with a lymphatic drainage massage to help move the fluid. The lady I had been seeing must have moved or something because her phone number was disconnected. So I had to find someone new.

The lady I found was someone who specialised in Lymphedema and was certified in oncology massage. So I figured she must know her stuff and paid her a visit.

On the first visit I sat down at her desk and she looked at my legs and said "so you have lipodema then?" I blankly stared at her and said "ummmm I don't think so, I'm just here for fluid retention" 

She went on to say that I looked like a classic "lippy" and gave me a book to take home and read, before she put me on the table, measured my legs and then started the massage.

I went away from that and of course got stuck into researching all things lymph! By doing this I discovered WHY I feel better when i am juicing and on the Gerson Therapy!! Wow!!

It turns out that lipodema is caused by dodgy lymphatics, which is either from birth or from damage after chemotherapy. When our lymphatics are damaged we can't absorb long chain fatty acids (so pretty much all good and bad fats) so our body just stores it. I know right? HUGE!! That's why, the times I ate next to no fat, I actually lost weight - my lymphatics could do their job and I wasn't storing fat every meal.

My story may be your story too

That is because hypothyroidism was originally called "Odema" (Fluid retention) so I am betting a good number of you reading this right now could have a similar issue.

Now, I am not suggesting you run out and get a diagnosis! I'm completely against being diagnosed for things that I may be able to fix and are not life threatening. But google lipodema and check out the info and photo's if it resonates with you. Looking at some of the pics was like looking at my legs.  I'm only stage 1 or 2 so I can turn this back and maybe you can do - and maybe it's half of your weight issue also.

Always be open minded

I told you this story under weightloss to remind you to be completely open to the answers coming your way for your own health and weight. It just may not be what you thought.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x