Food can have an enormous impact on our thyroid health - both good and bad!

We are all unique

The first thing to remember is that not everything works for everyone. Most will have heard me say this on Facebook time and time again.  Just because the science says it's so, doesn't mean it is for us! 

It's always a good place to start though, but if after eating a certain way for 3 months you don't feel any better OR you have gotten worse, then odds are, that way of eating is NOT FOR YOU.

An example of this is Coconut Oil / Milk / Cream. There are endless studies on how amazing this is for the Thyroid and weightloss and a million other thyroidy things. BUT...... it makes me feel ill! I can get away with eating it here and there, but if I were to try and have it in its various forms on a daily basis I wouldn't get past day 3. It's just not for me.

So every way of eating you try, please go in with an open mind. Be watchful for symptoms of improvement but also for setbacks. Either way, we need to know how something affects us individually.

Where do I start with thyroid food?

There are some basics that are a good starting point. Pick the ones you think you can have a go at without it causing to much grief in your life and see how you feel. It's always about how you feel.

  • Gluten Free - It causes inflammation and immune attack
  • Dairy Free - Causes inflammation and for many (including me) causes anxiety
  • Soy Free - Can interfere with the hormones even further
  • Goitrogen Free - Brassica family (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc) can contribute to goitre
  • Anti-inflammatory Foods - Anywhere we can lower inflammation is a good thing
  • Low Fat - Long chain fatty acids can clog lymphatics if they are damaged
  • Vegan - A good way to eat if you want to avoid the fat (so lymphedema, lipodema etc)
  • Paleo - Removes grains and carbs which can be reactive in the body
  • No Sugar - This isn't just good for thyroid people, this one should be everyone!

There are plenty of ideas to start you off there. What's important is actually trying something. I can't even tell you how much food can impact how we feel and the health of our thyroid.

If you are wavering

If you are looking at that list thinking, none of those make you feel any different, then maybe you might like to try an elimination diet. Remove a group for 4-6 weeks (min 2 weeks) and then reintroduce it. You will soon find out if it really bothers. you.

No Excuses

I know many people can't be bothered figuring out their food issues. It's too hard, too complicated, too time consuming, and is not an instant answer.  But I suspect if you are reading this, you have run out of "instant answer options". That is because there is no such thing.  Honestly, you can say it's not for you and keep searching for an instant fix and in 5 years time odds are you will cycle back around to this as your last option.

If that happens, that's ok. We all get there in our own time. But sometimes it's quicker to take the long route if you know what I mean? I am hoping you are willing to do that with me. I could use the company!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x