Oh my goodness! I can't even begin to tell you how important this is!!!

I had been doing this for a few years in exercise books and then progressed to binding up my own version of it, because I'm a bit over the top like that! Then a couple of years ago, I decided that my clients needed to keep one, so I made an official one!

The reason I have always kept one is so that I can track my successes and learn from my hiccups. It means I don't have to remember how I was eating or what supplement I was taking 6 months ago when I felt fantastic and I don't have to remember what stress I was under when my thyroid blood tests were disastrous! It's all there, year by year, in my diaries.

How do you run a successful business? You keep books.....

How do you feel better with chronic disease? You keep a diary....

I often find myself looking back at diaries from several years ago. Usually when I have found out something new, and my brain gives me a nudge, I will find a connection to my new information. It's THAT important!

My Thyroid Diary

The Diary you will find in my shop is one that I have developed over the years to  contain all the information I have ever wanted to keep in one place about my journey.

It is broken down into 4 sections (each 3 months) to allow us to trial a new protocol or lifestyle practice for that amount of time before deciding if it is helping or not.  

The diary also has sections for tracking symptoms, blood tests, family and personal medical histories. Each day, you can track food, feelings, lifestyle practices, Life events, temperature, medication amounts, sleep, water intake and social events.

You can make your own diary

You don't have to buy my fancy one! You can make your own in a note book or whatever.  In fact, cause I love that you are trying so hard to change your Thyroid Story I have given you a blank template for the inside pages, for you to use!

But if you decide you want your own and you are a neat freak like me, you can get mine from the shop HERE

Either way, pleeeeaasse, I know it's a pain sometimes - and there are many pages in my previous diaries that I have not filled in and have used for motivational quotes instead - but it's worth it I promise you!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x