Where Did My Motivation Go?

We all do it.

Start a diet, health protocol, exercise program, beauty regime or way of life and just when we are starting to achieve results we go and sabotage ourselves by eating a burger or pulling the covers up and ignoring the alarm!

It’s like our motivation is stolen from us.

I remember one occasion many years ago after an amazing meditation session, I felt like I was on this massive high, so I promptly went into the kitchen and stood in front of the pantry while I ate one of my son’s snack packet of chips until I felt more normal. AARRRRRGHHHH!!!! Why do we do this??????

It is not motivation, it is an alert.

I’m no expert, but my perspective on this occurrence is that we do it not from laziness, lack of motivation or willpower, but merely our ego or subconscious going into alert mode.   Let me explain.

I think it is well known now that we are made of energy that forms a mass.  When you put us under a microscope and get down to the nitty-gritty of our cells we are just moving energy.  So because of this, I don’t think we can separate mind, body or soul.

Shifts are an Emotional Detox

When we are on a healing or wellness journey we tend to go through major changes or what are known as “shifts”.  This happens because when we detox, we not only push out old toxins and fat, but also old emotions, memories, belief systems, traumas and so on.

Quite often the reason people start a detox and then reach for a burger is that facing the emotional crap is just too much and instinct tells them that eating something crappy or stopping the detox will push those emotions right back where they came from.

Stopping the protocol protects you from pain

When scary, uncomfortable and painful memories or thoughts start rearing up, then it is just more pleasant and frankly, just plain common sense really to the soul to just stop the protocol or detox.  That is why working with the mind with either kinesiology, EFT or counselling, for example, is the only way forward when trying to improve your physical health.

If you don’t do this, then facing another green juice or salad would be like saying to your soul,

“Wanna dredge up some painful memories so you can feel shit about yourself for the rest of the day?”

The answer is unlikely to be, “Hell Yeah – bring it on!”

So next time you find yourself “Turning Back”, or scolding yourself because you think you have no motivation, perhaps being a little kind to your soul and finding a way to let go of some of the emotional toxins will help you get to the next step. Have a good cry, scream into a pillow, talk to a friend and let the feelings out, but above all remember, it is not your motivation that is missing, it is your

Have a good cry, scream into a pillow, talk to a friend and let the feelings out, but above all remember, it is not your motivation that is missing.

It is your self-protection mechanism on high alert!!