The Must Have Item to Eat Healthier!

You are hungry. You have been doing really well on your eating regime – whatever that is – but you are hungry. You go to your refrigerator and open it up looking for that one thing that is going to curb your need for going out for takeaway or reaching for something you shouldn’t.

The fridge looks very healthy – full of lovely fruits and vegetables of all shapes, colours and aroma’s. It gives you a sense of pride just to look at the array in front of you. So you shut the door, open the pantry and grab your husbands/childs loaf of bread or box of crackers and mindlessly eat while you stand in the kitchen chiding yourself for not picking from the lovely fridge. What happened???

How often have you done this? If we are all honest, most of us have many times. So what is the problem here? Can anyone pick it?

There is nothing made ready to pick up, grab a fork and start eating!  Sometimes it is just that we feel uninspired,  lazy, we are tired and unmotivated, we are busy, we are running out the door, it’s Sunday, whatever the reason – if there is nothing sitting there ready to eat, the fridge is going to be just that big white box of “woulda shoulda coulda”!!

So let’s change this. On the days you feel particularly creative or motivated and have the time, make some lovely salads or vegetable dishes that are easy to grab.  Try to make things that you find yummy cold, straight from the fridge – think back to cold pizza for breakfast the morning after (come on – we have all done it)! Don’t get me wrong, things that can be warmed up are great too, like soups and stews, but unless they are sitting in slow cooker all day to eat at your convenience (another good option),  the issue that seems to catch me out is having something right there and then.  In these cases, having lots of things in the freezer is no better – who has time to defrost and then heat??

If I have been at my computer too long and suddenly realise I missed lunch two hours ago, then I am generally too busy to go and heat something up. I need to be able to get up and walk to the kitchen, doing a lap and picking up a container of food, a fork and a glass of water as I head back to my study. For this reason, quite often when I know I am working on deadlines or have a busy week ahead, I pack my fridge to the hilt like a picnic or family get together is looming. All food in lovely glass containers that can mostly be eaten cold and all of it tantalising and beckoning like the day after Christmas. the picture above is what I happen to have in there today. A buckwheat salad, an Adzuki bean pasta and a ratatouille type thing.

The only problem you will have with a fridge like this is trying to choose which items to eat. Tough, I know. So what are you going to stock your fridge with this week???