Skin Brushing for Thyroid Health

Skin Brushing has been said to reduce cellulite, increase circulation, smooth the skin, remove toxins, improve organ function, increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, increase kidney function and many more amazing claims.  How on earth can something like brushing your skin with a strange looking brush akin to what you would brush a horse’s coat with, do all of these amazing things?

Skin Brushing in Action

Let’s look at how you do it, so that we can then ponder on why it may have so many claims to fame. To effectively dry skin brush, you take a natural bristled brush like the one pictured and then every morning (perhaps while you are Oil Pulling) you brush your skin fairly rigorously from foot to neck always brushing in the direction of your heart.  Then you can hop in the shower and go about your day.  I actually stand in the bath while I do it, so the dry skin isn’t flying all over the bathroom – very unattractive!!

What does Skin Brushing Do?

What we are actually doing during this process is stimulating our lymphatic system.  When the lymphatic system is stimulated it clears itself of any built up gunk which is why it may have such a far-reaching effect on so many different parts of the body.  This system of our body is dependent on movement or stimulation to actually eliminate its garbage.  It is made up of a whole bunch of one-way valves which only open when gravity forces them to.

Our skin, which is another of our elimination systems along with the Lymphatic System, once brushed everyday tends to let the skin breathe easier.  Tests have been conducted on the skin particles that have been removed during a skin brushing session and have found bacteria, toxins and uric acid crystals amongst other things.  So if gout is an issue for you, then maybe a good skin brush before you get in the shower won’t be just making your skin baby soft, but helping to improve a very serious condition as well.

Since toxins of any kind are a huge burden on the thyroid, skin brushing is another way of helping to lighten the load. And since skin brushings benefits are clearly linked with thyroid symptoms such as dry skin, inflammation, circulation and energy then why wouldn’t you want to do this?? To be honest, it is actually a little addictive. It is better than a cup of coffee in the morning waking you up and making you feel almost like you have been for a run. Give it a go and see what you think! Brushes are less than $10 so most people can manage this when the benefits are so far reaching.