How to Live a Simple Thyroid Life

Why does the Thyroid love Simple?

There is a huge health reason for making life simple. It has been my own personal experience, and the stories of clients and on-line followers that stress is always a factor in Thyroid Disease. Stress causes a massive increase in Reverse T3 which blocks T3 from getting into our cells and making us feel good.

So without doubt, stress always appears to be the straw that brakes the camels back, particularly with hyperthyroidism. So any little way that we can remove everyday stressors, will make it easier to cope with the odd larger stress that may come along.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to simplify life, the brain fog and memory lapses that tend to be constant life buddies can be managed and lessened when there is not so much going on in our brains.

How do we make Life Simple?

Simple means something different to everyone. What is simple for me may be ludicrously hard for you and vice versa. I believe the trick to a healthy life is, first of all, knowing what simple means for you.

So, knowing what simple means for you is the first step in simplifying your life. Before you buy all the decluttering books and Apps, before you get the expert in to go over your house, your accounts, your eating regime, you first need to know about you.

Sound ridiculous?
Sound obvious?
If it does then ask yourself this…… Is your life as simple and straightforward as you can make it in your current circumstances?
Or are your bills still in a few random drawers and you have bought another box of oats, not realising you already have two sitting there? If this is the case, then you have not found what simple means for you.

Simple for my husband is seeing everything in front of his eyes. That means not many things on each shelf so that he can look and see. If he has to start moving things around to see what is in there, it is no good – that is not simple to him (and possibly most men hehehehe).

Simple for me is having all little things in the house in lovely looking storage boxes on the shelf so that all I see is the matching boxes, not the items. It is no hardship for me to grab the box and look at what is inside unlike my husband. For me, the simple feeling comes from looking at the streamlined boxes, not lots of stuff (and we all know how I feel about Stuff!)

How to Get help in the field of simplifying Life

We have all done it! We have all purchased a “How to” book or an App to make life easier and more simple only to feel our blood pressure rise at the mere thought of implementing some of the crap that is being suggested as “the only way to do it”.

The reason there are a million books and resources out there on the subject is that all the ideas within them worked for the authors. They are not trying to hoodwink you into buying a product that doesn’t work. It does work – it works for them! And yes it will also work for others, but maybe just not you. Is that the authors fault? No. Is that your fault? No. It is what it is.

But if you are really not the naturally organised kind of person, don’t lose heart, you may have to trawl through a few hundred websites and books before you find a system that speaks to you and makes you feel like life is streamlined.

The Methods I use for a Simple Life

I am naturally an organised person. I think if I wasn’t “blessed” with thyroid disease which has led me to want to help you, I would have eventually ended up as a professional organiser. But even then I am constantly upgrading and streamlining our home and the way I do things because I don’t want to have to be thinking or stressing about the little things in life. I want them to just take care of themselves.

At the moment I am in love with Konmari which is a Japanese organising system. It works firstly on the premise of – “if you don’t love it, don’t keep it” and then shows you how to do everything from organising rooms to folding your clothes so that you can see every single item in your drawers. (If you don’t believe me, google images has hundreds of photos of people showing off their “Konmari’d” drawers).

At first, I thought that going to the trouble of folding clothes in a certain way seemed a little over the top, but once I did it, it changed my world!! I LOVE opening my drawers and seeing everything laid out in front of me – and that feeling alone is one of joy instead of stress. So that is a Thyroid Win every single morning!!

So, what is Simple for you?

Is it having everything in lovely boxes instead of piles of stuff? Is it opening the crockery cupboard and only seeing a set of matching glassware instead of millions of mismatched cups and glasses? Simple for you might be having not a lot of stuff at all! It doesn’t matter what your simple is – claim it, understand it, know it and live by it! I guarantee it will improve your mindset, improve your stress levels and therefore, in turn, improve your thyroid health.