Remedial Therapy for the Thyroid

This modality is something you would not automatically relate to Thyroid Disease until you start thinking about your aches and pains! You know what I am talking about – your stiff joints, your tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, and all the other lovely symptoms of thyroid disease that effect movement, flexibility and general feeling of good health.

Our interviewee’s are two of the most gifted Remedial Therapists I have ever met and if you live in Townsville, Australia, you are extremely lucky to be able to experience their talents for yourself. So, how can a remedial massage help? Let’s find out….

Q. Explain what your modality is?
A. Our modality is muscular skeletal work. We manipulate the skeletal muscles, lymphatic tissue, and other soft tissue to alleviate stiffness, fatigue and pain.

Q. As a practitioner what does thyroid disease look like to you? 
A. Physically, there are some signs that a therapist can pick up on. They do not always show up to the same degree in different individuals. Hypothyroidism we see as a client whom is cold- cold muscles, sluggish blood flow, very sore and fatigued and generally struggling with energy and weight loss. Hyperthyroidism is a client whom finds it near impossible to relax into the massage, tissues can be hot to the touch- and generally speaking- is unnaturally fatigued yet agitated. Mentally the thyroid client is someone whom has the weight of the world on their shoulders: willingly or unwillingly they take the burden of others. They will often use a massage session to help talk about these obligations to someone that isn’t in their usual social group.

Q. What does the thyroid mean to you?
A. The thyroid is one of the bosses of energy and health. Issues with the thyroid are often deeper than they originally appear; a chain reaction of other health issues and stressors that the individual has been placed under.

Q. What are the most common manifestations you see with thyroid clients? 
A. Hyperthyroid: agitated, fatigued, usually thin, can have ‘pop out’ looking eyes, red or hairless shins. Hypothyroid: agitated, fatigued, usually a weight issue, sallow and dry skin, dry hair and or hair loss, overly thin or nonexistent end portion to the eyebrow, swollen neck and generally a ‘slowing down’ movement.

Q. What do you feel is the best advice from your modality for helping to heal thyroid disease? 
A. As we get to place our hands on the client for a period of time and are allowed into your personal space for more than a few minutes (which is rather unique), we often get a window into what is in the mind as well as the body. Learn to more appropriately deal with your individual stressors- learn to say no and ask others to help with day to day activities.

 So do yourself a favour if you live in this region or are passing through. Not only are the girls gifted in this modality but they are also brilliant Naturopath’s! Patricia & Jay operate under the Banner of Scarlett Bamboo.