How to Reduce Autoimmune Attack Daily

Autoimmune Disease (AD) is when the body’s own immune system malfunctions and does not know when to switch off.  It goes into overdrive and starts attacking its own tissues and organs.  Autoimmune Disease can be Th1 (Tissue specific) or Th2 (systemic) modulated. There are over 70 different Autoimmune diseases that afflict modern man and include Diabetes, Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease and cancer. Our job is to lower the daily immune attack on our thyroid, so that it has a chance to heal.

Anyone with an autoimmune disease needs to follow a protocol that modulates or “calms down” the immune attack.  Unfortunately we are all taught that we need to boost our immune system for good health by eating certain foods and taking certain herbs and medications. In the case of anyone suffering from Autoimmune issues this is detrimental to health and healing.

One thing that we can easily do to help lower
immune attack is the way in which we eat.

When we eat cooked foods, our bodies send out lymphocytes to fight the food, as it does not recognise the substance anymore.  This is a process known as Digestive Leukocytosis.  This means the immune system is attacking many times a day.

So what can we do?  It has been proven that if a minimum of 51% of your meal is raw, this process does not occur.   A very simple way of being able to help calm your immune system and avoid further immune attack don’t you think?

1.  Have a salad with every meal. Still have your veggies or soup or whatever you normally eat, but start your meal with a lovely raw salad.

2.  Start your breakfast with fresh fruit or add raw tomatoes and capsicum to your eggs.

3.  Have fruit pieces or raw veggie sticks with your snacks.

You don’t have to become a raw foodie (unless that tickles your fancy), just half of everything you put into your mouth needs to be raw to stop this immune attack.  Maybe have a browse through some of the amazing raw food recipe books and blogs that are available now to get your creative (and digestive) juices flowing.