How to Clear Excess Oestrogen

Too Much Oestrogen and why it is bad.

Having Hashimoto’s Disease and a slow thyroid pretty much puts me in the category of oestrogen dominance, so this is a subject that I am always  working on and learning about. But you don’t have to have a thyroid issue to be burdened with too much of this hormone.

Having an excess of bad oestrogen in the body can have adverse effects within the body.   Excess oestrogen is generally indicated in disorders such as Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, PCOS, Obesity, Cellulite, Fibroids, Insomnia, Thyroid Disease, Cervical, Ovarian & Breast Cancers.

What causes too much oestrogen?

We have three pathways in our body that can metabolise oestrogen.  However two of those cause recirculation of bad oestrogen, which causes the side effects, and only one of them allows the excess to be fully metabolised and then excreted via the liver.  Our aim here is to make sure the excess oestrogen goes down that correct pathway, and remove as much of the adverse oestrogen as possible to help the body restore hormonal balance. For this we also need to be sure our liver is working efficiently.

A lot of the time our excess comes from an imbalance caused by too little progesterone which is what is made in the second half of our cycles when the ovulated egg releases this hormone.  If we are not ovulating and releasing an egg this process cannot happen. If we are stressed (who isn’t?) then our progesterone gets stolen for making more “stressless” hormone because the body decides this is priority over baby-making. Either way there is not enough progesterone left to counteract the oestrogen.

On top of this we are being bombarded with oestrogen mimics in our environment and food, and these automatically go into  the body’s category of “What do we do with this?”  or “Not sure what this is, we will just store it away till we know”.  Oestrogen mimics can also be called Endocrine Disruptors and include things like chemicals, toxins, parabens, plastics, PBA’s and Pthalates; essentially most things that are man-made.

The final major cause of excess oestrogen is something most people with Hypothyroidism can relate to sadly – excess weight.  Yes, all that extra fat itself is known in medical circles as its own organ!  And the more fat, the more oestrogen is produced – which is why there are so many infertility issues with people who are overweight; oestrogen is a natural contraceptive.  ‘Cause Thyroid Disease wasn’t hard enough, was it???

So this is where it comes back to living like our Grandmothers did and trying to live as organically as we can. Here are a few other ideas to get you started.

Dietary Help

  • High Fibre plant-based, whole food diet, with lots of leafy green vegetables
  • Include fish as protein
  • Eat organic where possible to avoid extra chemicals that further disrupt hormone pathways
  • Add foods high in Essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Selenium
  • Remove Caffeine, sugar, salt, commercially raised saturated fats and dairy
  • Eat only organic grass fed animals to avoid added hormones and antibiotics
  • Remove Sources of copper and arsenic
  • Try Seed Cycling

Lifestyle Ideas

  • Lymphatic and elimination Channel support
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Coffee Enemas to help clean the liver
  • Infrared saunas
  • Organic body products and makeup to avoid extra chemicals
  • Throw out the microwave if you dare!
  • Organic natural cleaning products
  • Store all foods in glass, pottery or stainless steel – throw away the plastic.

Metaphysical Suggestions

  • Reduce stress, fear and anxiety – counselling, flower essences, kinesiology, EFT, Theta
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Crystals – Moonstone (hormonal balance)
  • Louise Hay “Not putting yourself first”

Hope this is helpful