Why we Need a Thyroid Lunch Box

My Thyroid Lunch Box

Being a full-time student there have been many days I found myself leaving home at 7am to take on the freeways and pulling into the driveway at 9pm exhausted and ready to drop. The thing that kept my energy going during these days (and continues to do so now) is my thyroid lunch box!!

Eating Out is Not Ideal.

I enjoy a nice cafe or restaurant so I never used to be that concerned about bringing food with me wherever I went. But when I got serious about healing my thyroid I realised that eating in cafes on an everyday basis was not going to work. So a thyroid lunch box that would get me through the whole day with the foods I was eating on my protocol was a necessity. Like everything I do, I take the time to set it up once and then it takes care of itself.

What do I Need to Take?

First I knew I needed to take about 6 x vegetable juices, I also needed some mixed salads, some fruit, soup and herb tea. I knew I needed enough of the main food for lunch and dinner on most occasions, and snacks.

We already had several of those mini esky’s that has a strap for carrying so I started with one of them. My local $2 shop was the source for empty glass juice bottles that fit neatly in one side of the esky. I then took that with me to the supermarket with the glass bottles inside to see what kind of glass food containers I could fit in there. Success! I found 3 that fit neatly on top of one another, allowing me to have two main meals and one with snacks or cut up fruit or whatever. The outside of the esky has plenty of pockets for herb tea sachets and other bits and pieces.  I then purchased a soup thermos and I was good to go.


How Do I Organise it?

Every night while making dinner, I put together my food and juices for the following day and store them in the fridge. If the soup was one I was having for breakfast (yes I have soup for breakfast quite a lot!) then I would put enough in the slow cooker for breakfast and my thermos and put it on low overnight. Or I would just heat what I needed on the stove while having my breakfast.

Set it Up Once and it is Simple!

It seems like a lot of work, but once you have your routine sorted out and work out a simple process that suits you, it will be no hardship at all. Knowing I was eating well, with no preservatives or ingredients that would make my brain go fuzzy was, and still is, worth it. I don’t get the afternoon slump (which I don’t have time for) and I know that my body is getting the best fuel I can give it.

What’s in your Thyroid Lunch Box???