My Favourite Green Juice Recipe

I love juicing!

In fact - juice fasting has been the only way to date that I have been able to lose significant amounts of weight.

BUT.... that's not why I consider it my thyroid's best friend!

Fresh, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice is like medicine to our cells.

Now, we are talking about juice here - NOT a smoothie which is made in the likes of a nutribullet or blender. Still great - but not juice. 

Juice is medicine
Smoothie is food
Just so it is easy to remember!

Now, with our thyroid disease, often we are also plagued with digestion issues and fatigue and our body is struggling to get nutrients from our food regardless of what kind of thyroid disease we have.

When we drink juice - particularly on an empty stomach, all those vitamins and minerals and enzymes go directly into our cells. Our body doesn't have to work hard to get them, nor does it have to process a synthetic version of these nutrients.

It's just in there instantly - BAM - Nutrients!!

So if we want to give our thyroid a rest, and get the nutrients we need without adding a burden to our digestion or liver function, then juicing is amazing!!

I will ALWAYS have green juice in my fridge. My thyroid depends on it!

My Favourite Green Juice Recipe

This started out as the Mean Green Recipe from Joe Cross (Fat Sick & Nearly Dead) but I had to remove the Kale for my thyroid health and originally I had swapped it out with Romaine (Cos) Lettuce. But that was fiddly and time consuming and often made me not want to make juice, so I dropped it altogether in the end.

1 head Celery
3 Cucumbers
5-6 Green Apples
4 Lemons
Large knob of Ginger
(makes 2 litres roughly)

The trick to a really smooth juice is to run it through a nut mylk bag or muslin cloth after it has gone through the juicer. This makes it lovely to drink and removes any remaining pulp.


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Kylie Wolfig