My Essential Oil Story

This has been a hard post to get around to writing.


Because I never thought I would do this, let alone write about it for all my lovely peeps to read!!

But Kylie... I hear you say.... it's just a story about Essential Oils? 

Yes it is my lovely, it is that and so much more.....


Twenty years ago, my mother-in-law gave my husband and I a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil from her fathers farm in France. This precious bottle was gifted to us so that we could add it to our washing.

Arrrrrghhhh!!!! Like that was going to happen!! 

The smell was unlike anything I had ever smelled. Like Lavender farms and sunshine and bumble bees and happiness all in one little, old fashioned perfume apothecary bottle with an age wearied label peeling on the corners.

This was never going to be put in the wash!

But I loved the smell of it, so purchased a bottle from the grocery store and added that to my wash. And so it began...

I started with the basic Three

I am guessing like most families, we collected the three basics over the years. 

  • Eucalyptus for disinfecting surfaces, getting sticky stuff off, decongesting snot filled noses and cleaning floors.

  • Lavender for washing, calming, perfume and making the house smell divine.

  • Tea Tree for the foot spa and all other matters of first aid

They lived in the laundry, unceremoniously above the washing machine for easy access when filling up the foot spa in the laundry tub, except the lavender, that tended to float between rooms - and no it was not the precious lavender - that was saved ONLY for smelling!! No I'm not kidding!

My First Thyroid Product

In 2016 I was taking Thyroid School to a Health Expo for the first time - The Conscious Living Expo.  It was at the encouragement of my husband. 

I took my books and some business cards to see if expo's were a good way of getting exposure for Thyroid School.

Prior to the expo I had my tables set up at home while I worked out the arrangement and the marketing and the posters and the business cards. Does that look good there? Can people reach the business cards? What am I thinking... who would buy from me? I need another shelf. Oh, I have an empty space.... what can I put there? If you ever decide to do an expo - these things and many more will go through your head too. I promise.

I left the set up in the corner of our games room for many days, while I tried to figure out what on earth I was going to put in that empty space. Everything else looked great so I didn't want to re-shuffle it.

Then one day as I walked passed my set up, the thought struck me. Make your balm up and package it into real containers. And so I did.

Introducing Balancing Balm

I went off to my wholesaler and got all the ingredients I needed to make up my lovely mix in bulk. I had been using and playing with this balm for a while but not to share, it was just for me. I mean, who would want to use what I made right??

It didn't take me long and my oil collection grew by six more.

And the smell..... Oh My!! And the people at the expo agreed. I sold out the second day. Then at 5.00pm on the final day, a lady talked me into selling her the sample. Even though I couldn't guarantee what fingers had been in there. Ewwwww. But it smells THAT GOOD!!!

Then Came Clarity

Clarity Balm that is!! I needed one that helped to calm me down so that I could think clearly. A balm that would chase away the headaches when I had been at the computer too long and one that would wake me up when I had been at the computer longer than too long.

And I knew that many of my clients needed a balm to help with the brain fog that comes along with thyroid disease.

And another three oils joined my family.

I was falling in love with Oils

Little bit by little bit I was reaching for oils for all kinds of reasons and issues. Not just my balms, but straight essential oils, or diluted or diffused. They are all so beautiful. There is nothing like:

  • Orange and Citrus for uplifting and motivating

  • Lemon for cleaning

  • Clary Sage for all things womanly

  • Rosemary for brain fog

  • Lavender and frankincense for depression

  • Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang for the bedroom mood :)

  • Myrrh for cracked skin and viruses

The list is endless. There are physical, mental and emotional uses. If you don't believe in the emotional affects, what have you got to lose to test it out in a diffuser? If nothing else you will have an amazing smelling home or office.

But I refused to join an Essential Oil MLM

Not a chance!

Was I approached? Of course!

Was I followed on social media by many? Absolutely!

Was I interested? No Thank You!

I had done the MLM in my early adulting years. Cosmetics, skincare etc etc. I was never really good at making a go of them because I didn't like going into strangers homes hahaha. Kind of mandatory really. So once I ran out of people who wanted to come to my house (so family and friends) that was kind of all there was.

So when it came to joining a particular Essential Oil House I was more than happy just buying my wholesale oils from my supplier and looking down my nose at the people who thought MLM was a good thing to do. Poor misguided people I thought. They will never earn a living doing that!

In the mean time I started Business Coaching

I started having colleagues and followers come to me for business advice. How do I get a website like yours? How do you make your graphics for facebook? How do you publish your books? Will you help me design a logo? How do you ...?

It was growing so much and I was spending so much time doing it (because I discovered I loved it) that I decided to add it to my business services along with my naturopathic offerings. And as I do with everything, I researched with gusto, how to do better, be better, serve better.

My favourite Business mentor joined an Essential Oil MLM!!

In my researching travels I had been following an amazing hippy artist who was running million dollar successful businesses. One day, a post came up in my inbox and could you believe it..... she had joined and Essential Oil MLM!!

What the hell??? 


I was shocked to say the least. I mean, she had two legitimate million dollar businesses, why on earth would she want to go down the road of an MLM?? 

So I read her very long post (yeah I realise this post is getting long too hahahaha) of considered pros and cons and why she had chosen to take on this business, and why she loved the oils and what they had done for her.

It was a great read.

But I was still confused.

Every fibre of my being was doing its best to look down on her choice in a very old fashioned tsk tsk kinda way. I just didn't get it. So I finished reading and that was that.

Or so I thought.

I couldn't get it out of my head. 

It kept niggling away at me.

So what could I do??

I joined the MLM of Course!

Now when I say I joined, I have to be honest and say I joined simply cause I needed to try these oils and look at the behind the scenes so that I could pick holes in it all and justify that all these years I was right in staying on the fence and buying wholesale from a supplier.

My oils arrived 2 days later. I was begrudgingly impressed by that.

Nestled inside the box, safely packed in paper (not plastic - more begrudging) were my little oils.

With silent prayers I had not been wrong all this time, I opened each bottle, breathing in deep. 


What was I expecting? The same as my wholesale oils.

What did I get?


The fragrance was deeper and richer than the oils I had been using. I thought it may have been my mind playing tricks on me, so I went and got my other bottles to compare.


No tricks.

They smelled better. 😔

And the blends I had ordered? Wow!

You see not many people can blend oils and end up with a beautiful fragrance that they love. So to have pre-made blends is fantastic for the people who are not confident in this area.

So I stood corrected on the oil quality and offerings, but I still just put the MLM side of things to the side and went on with life...... the only thing that changed was that I was running a new diffuser with some amazing oils.

Three Months Later

I put a post up on facebook asking how many of you Thyroid Peeps couldn't work due to your illness or wish you didn't have to. I got a massive response, and wished on the spot that I could find a way to grow a business for each and every one of you.

I know not everyone can become Naturopath's at the age of 40 like I did, so I was desperately trying to think of how I could help you in that way.

Because healing to me is not just about losing weight or remembering what I was saying in the middle of my sentence, but it was also about growing my business and feeling self-sufficient and confident as a woman and a money earner.  I wanted that for you guys. 

I think that is why I love the Business Development side of my services. I love helping my peeps rise up!!

So, like my favourite hippy artist, I began to look at this in a different way.

│When we heal ourselves we heal the world│

These essential oils are just a part of my life now. In fact, I took a diffuser into my teenaged son's room because he had a rotten cold. I dropped in some Onguard and Breathe and hit the on button.

I came back to check on him an hour or so later, and oh my..... his room didn't smell like a teenage boy anymore!! Whoo hoo!! At that point I really didn't care if it helped his cold hahaha. BUT he said to me "Oh I can finally breath ok mum" Win Win!! So next order, I had to add another diffuser and then asked him to pick the oils he liked the best.

My mind kept ticking over that this was a business where you simply had to share how you use the oils you love. That's it! Most of you thyroid peeps are always up for new ways of helping yourselves, so why not this??

But I'm not here to sell this to you

As I said earlier, I am not a "come to your house and do parties" kinda gal.

It really does not phase me either way if you want to do this or not.

But what I will do is this.

If you find this idea interesting, and you love essential oils.

If you haven't already been introduced to doTerra by someone else.

If you want to learn more about these amazing oils with me.

If you want to learn more about the business side of it with me.

Then lets go on this journey together shall we? 

│It's always more fun when there's more than one│

Hahaha that sounds very Dr Suess!

So if you want to ..... and I will still love you if you don't

Hit the link below and it will show you how to get yourself access to this oily goodness. 

I will even add you to the private group of my hippy artist so that we can learn together. No point re-inventing the wheel.

She has allllll the information you could want or need on Essential Oils.

Righto! I'm off to make up a hair growth oil mix.....

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Kylie Wolfig