My Bali Adventure & Why I got Sick!

Hubby and I just returned from 8 fun-filled days in Bali (Indonesia). It is not far from Australia where we live - in fact only a 4 hour flight from Perth.

Thyroid School in Bali

Where We Stayed

We stayed at The Megani, which is a fabulous hotel on the border of Kuta and Legian.  This was our second time to Bali (first time on our own since our son is now self-sufficient) and while I know many people hate staying in the hustle and bustle of Kuta, we actually love it.

Why? Because it is easy to get to wherever we want to go! Plus if you feel like a little shop, you just head out the front door and across the road is Garlic Lane where you can walk for 10 mins or for an hour, completely up to you. If you walk farther than you are willing to walk back, and the sweat is pouring off you then you grab one of the million Bluebird Taxi's and head back to the hotel - usually for no more than a couple of dollars.

The room we booked at The Megani had our own private plunge pool which was extremely refreshing after walking the streets. But if you don't opt for that, the main pool is lovely with a swim up bar which is obligatory on holidays isn't it?

Above all, the staff at The Megani are INCREDIBLE. Now, I know the Balinese people are all fabulous, but honestly the staff here were next level. There was nothing they wouldn't do for you. I can understand why it was recommended to us, and it is why I do the same here.

Venturing Out and About

Thyroid School around Bali

On the days that we decided to venture out we hired a driver for the day. This can cost anywhere from $50 - $70 (AUD) and you will find yourself in a lovely new air-conditioned car with an always friendly driver that will take you anywhere you like. They will even suggest places if you are not sure, and are always happy to sit and wait while you stop at a beach or a temple or even wander through markets. The drivers are extremely accomodating.

We hired a driver on my birthday and drove to a Cultural Park, a lovely beach, then had lunch on the cliffs of Uluwatu followed by Dinner that evening to watch the sunset on Jimbaran Bay. A fabulous day! Another day we jumped in a Bluebird Taxi and went to Seminyak (I think the fare was about $7). So being central is a great thing. 

Food in Bali

We ate in many different places in Bali. Part of our package included a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Pretty much all hotel breakfast buffets include a good mix of western food like bacon, sausages, baked beans, croissants, toast, cereal, juices, coffee  and ours had an egg station where you could order anything from poached, to over-easy to an omelet with your choice of fillings.

The buffets always include asian food also. I actually love that for breakfast it turns out! Noodles and curry is a great way to start the day when you are going to do a lot of walking.

Other places we ate at were the Y-Bar, an Australian open air type pub where I had Nasi Goreng and Satay sticks, Uncle Norms where I had Surf and Turf, Johnny Rockets were we ate burgers, and we had room service a few times too. The ribs at The Megani are amazing!!

In Seminyak we had lunch at a fancy place on the beach called Ku De Ta. A very Western establishment with amazing food. We shared a Gourmet pizza and a very fancy Chicken burger and Fries which we paired with a Bintang and a Cocktail!! Absolutely delicious.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I take all pressure off myself when I travel on what I should and shouldn't eat and drink. I don't want the memories I make to be of "wishing I could have had" so I just order what I feel like. Surprisingly I don't seem to end up with any issues that I would experience at home and I read recently that the lack of stress on holidays has a major impact on this. Interesting huh?

Thyroid School Food in Bali

Why I got Sick

Whenever I go away (doesn't matter where) I do two things.  I take my coffee enema's with me and I take Hydrocell.

The reason I do this, is because when we are away from our usual environment we come across bacteria that we are not used to. And let's face it, being on a plane leaves us open to all sorts of things.  Bali's water is dangerous for anyone that is not Balinese because our guts can't deal with their bacteria. (Which is why all hotels give you bottled water daily for brushing your teeth etc).

Coffee Enemas

Firstly I'll talk about the Coffee Enema's cause I know you are all wondering how I take that overseas with me lol. 

It's easy enough to take in the plane, as I make a solution up and put it in a thermos to get there (instructions in my Me Time Book ) . I wrap it in a towel and then inside a large garbage bag in case of leaking and pack it in the middle of our suitcase. So far it has never leaked. I also pack my bucket, castile soap and Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning.

Since we have a hotel room and not a suite, lucky for me, hubby is a gym-goer (I know - madness 😉) so he goes off to the gym (The Megani had a great one if you are into that kind of thing) and I "do my thing" as we say in our house. By the time he returns I am all cleaned up and put away.

I do this because it helps my liver deal with all the unusual pathogens we are exposed to when we travel. As a bonus it stops the onset of "travel constipation" and I would imagine would help avoid a really bad case of Bali Belly to a degree.


Hydrocell is the other product I don't compromise on taking with me. It is made from Ionic Silver (never buy colloidal as it drops out of suspension and can build up in your body) and oxygen. So it not only kills any pathogens but it also increases good gut bacteria.  

This visit though, I didn't do my calculations correctly as the last time to Bali there was 3 of us and so I thought I would only need one bottle between us this time.  For the first 5 days or so, I was giving hubby and I both about 20ml each morning and night. Then on the Friday morning I realised we were nearly out, so after chiding myself I cut us back to 10 ml once a day to make it through till Monday.

By Saturday Morning I got queasy. Not badly but just a bit not right. Instead of having my Asian breakfast I had some Vegemite on Potato Bread toast. Nice and plain.

At lunch we went to Johnny Rockets and had a burger. Hubby said I was probably off colour because I hadn't eaten much and we had been walking so much. So I ordered a burger with salad on it. They say you should avoid salad in many cases in Bali in case they have washed it in tap water, but most of the places we frequented were fairly main stream and western so I figured we were safe.

By Saturday night I was vomiting up all the food I had that day. No diarrhoea though (maybe because of the enemas?) Sunday wasn't too bad, I felt a little better and we went out and about as usual, but by Sunday night I started to feel a head cold coming on.

So Monday morning, I awoke to a definite head cold. Admittedly the air conditioning in the room was freezing. We could have turned it down but it was nice after being outside in the humid heat. But then that is probably what helped play a hand in me being sick.

Flying Home

I still wasn't terrible although my sinus was full. We had many hours to wait at the airport before we got on our evening flight. Landing was like a knife going into my ears. It was agony. No amount of sniffing my Bosisto's Vapour Inhaler or eating spearmint Mento's helped. I think we were half way down the freeway heading home before my ears actually popped. Owww!

The following week I had so much I was supposed to do. Thyroid School posts were on a scheduler and it was just pulling up old posts, so at least something was going up. But I had other clients who were waiting on me and I just couldn't do it.  Another week off was in order.... which stretched to about 10 days. I needed it.

I realised that it had been years since I had come down with this kind of thing. And I knew why I had now.  It wasn't just the Hydrocell running out, it was the fact that I had become run down in the past year. 

I had taken on more work than I could handle and was no longer putting myself first. And I paid the price for it.

So I have spent the last week, streamlining and simplifying. Removing what I don't need to be doing so that I can get back to what I am supposed to be doing. Healing me. And sharing it with you. 

It's amazing how quickly as humans we can get distracted and go off course and it takes so much courage to stand up and put it right again. But if we stand still long enough and listen closely to our heart, we can hear and feel what it is we need to be doing.

Sometimes the distractions are great ideas, that just need to be put aside for a while, other times we need to acknowledge that it's not where our heart lies, even if we are good at it.

So, that's my Bali trip! Thank you all for your "get better wishes" I did appreciate the support even when feeling yuck.

Would love to hear any travel hacks you have for staying well while you are travelling.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x