Master Billy - Saka Healing Bali

This was my second visit to see Master Billy. The first time was a couple of years ago and I was given his name by a friend and told I should absolutely go and see him. You can read about the first visit here.

Knowing better this visit, I booked 3 sessions with him a few months out from the holiday. Last time I was lucky to get one just before we left, so I figured that I could always cancel one if I didn't feel the need to go to all 3.

My first session

Like my last trip, the session with Master Billy followed the same routine, except this time Lina was not there. I was first given a relaxing type massage that put me in a lovely blissed out state, that I guess makes it easier for Master Billy to do his thing. 

I didn't really mind what it achieved to be honest - it was just amazing.

Then along came an apprentice, or trainee or whatever he was called. He began the process of more seriously aligning meridians or something. I know it sounds vague, but given the language barrier, they don't really explain, so this is just my take on what was happening.

The Trainee

The trainee spent a lot of time on my upper back and into my shoulders and neck. At times it hurt a little, as he massaged quite firmly, other times there was no movement at all as he kind of prayed over me or did Reiki or something along those lines.

I went from intrigue to zoning out completely then back to intrigue again. One thing is for sure, it really didn't matter to me what he was doing as such, I just know I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time.

Next came Master Billy

I love his face! He smiles at you like a loving grandfather that has never seen anyone so beautiful. You feel loved right to your very soul when he looks at you.

I was laying on my back and Master Billy sat behind me at my head and wrapped his hands over the front of my neck and lay them on my thyroid. He chanted and puffed and concentrated, then he did it some more. I faded in and out as he did whatever it is he does.

At the end, he stood up and bent over me prodding my forehead with his index finger several times. "TOO MANY THINGS IN HERE" he said "YOU UNDERSTAND?" he questioned


Oh I understood completely!! I nodded and stifled a giggle

"YES! YOU UNDERSTAND" he smiled and glided out between the curtains.

It is amazing to me how he could sum me up in 5 little words. It also amazed me what a profound affect it had on me just hearing those words.

I mean, I know I do a lot. I know that I juggle balls in the air just like millions of other women out there. But, I have to question the affect that juggling has on me being able to heal my thyroid.

Session Two

My next session was mid morning and I had been out exploring the streets with my husband and one of our friends while we waited for her husband to get a tattoo.

We started to run out of time because we misjudged how far it was down a particular laneway! That is a common thing in Bali. So we hopped in a Bluebird Cab and $1.70 later we were out the front of our hotel, which was a few doors up from Saka Healing.

So I arrived less sweaty than I would have had we kept walking plus I was on time! After putting my things in a locker I was given a cold water cup to cool me and calm me down. I was then led into one of the now familiar cubicles and lay down awaiting my massage.

The routine stays the same 

I had my relaxing massage, followed by the trainee and then Master Billy.  This time though the trainee got stuck into my upper back and did less healing and more massage. He said "I FIX BACK FOR YOU! YOU NO TELL" So I'm not really sure if, as a healer he is not meant to be doing the remedial type massage stuff, but clearly he felt he was supposed to be healing not massaging.

I'm glad he did though, because my back felt brilliant afterwards, although a little bruised, so to speak, from him getting in there. But better none the less.

After the trainee was finished, in sauntered Master Billy. Smile on face, sarong wrapped around his waist. He again sat at the end of the bed behind my head and wrapped his hands around my neck. It sounds frightening the idea of someone wrapping their hands around your neck, but not under Master Billy's care. I felt completely safe and ready for him to "talk" to my thyroid.

That's kind of how I see what he does. He bends his head forward at times as if whispering to my neck and he hums and sings and coughs. I think the sudden coughing fits are bad thyroid energy from me???

Anyhoo, I lay and listened, and drifted in and out while I marvelled at how lucky I was to be laying on a healers bed in Bali working on my thyroid. So lucky. So blessed.

Master Billy's Message

At the end of this session Master Billy leaned over me and said


which was followed by a deep chuckle and


As tears rolled down my cheeks I smiled and nodded. He put his large old hands on either side of my face and smiled


I kept nodding, trying my best to hold back the tears.

He left the cubicle and I took some deep breaths as I took the sarong off and put my clothes back on. So what was he talking about? I can hear you asking.......

He was talking about my fear of being seen, being judged. 

My business is online. For the world to see.

My passion is to share what I learn and to help others change their thyroid story. But the thought of going live on facebook or sharing too many honest photos of me leaves me feeling utterly petrified.

I know it is the next step for me

I know that for my own healing and growth I have to step up and show you all the "behind the scenes" me. No matter what the response. I've danced around this step for sooooooo long now.

The thyroid, sitting in the throat chakra represents "speaking our truth" but also living our truth. I do get tired of making everything look "just right". There are times that I think I may be brave enough to quickly do a facebook live to answer some questions, but then I think "oh, but my hair needs doing" and "I'm not wearing my brand colours, I need to get changed" and "But I'm all sweaty and on holidays" and here's a good one "My smile isn't right" OMG!! My smile is my smile hahahaha!

I have been so terrified that even looking for photos of just me on this holiday was tough!! I won't make that mistake again!

But here is the best excuse yet that has lurked around deep inside me.....

"What if someone sees me?"

Are you laughing as hard as I am at that statement?? Being worried if someone sees me on a facebook live? πŸ˜‚

Of course they are!!!! How ridiculous!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But I know it's time.

I feel it creeping up on me.

It's completely unavoidable.

And I know I'm safe, because Master Billy said so!!!

And I believe him, don't you?

If you are ever in Bali, please don't miss out on paying him a visit. Just make sure you book in advance. 

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