How To Make Simple Thyroid Changes

“A real decision is measured by the fact you have taken a new action” - Tony Robbins

Change. So it’s not rocket science, is it? We all know that to have a healthier life it is as easy as making simple changes in our daily routine. But it is a lot harder to actually do it, isn’t it?? So what made me finally swap my morning car trip to the Post Office and shops for a bike ride?

Recognising my holding Pattern.

I have been in a bit of a holding pattern lately, which is the reason for not posting the last couple of weeks. I seem to be flying around with lots of ideas but not knowing how to land any of them the way I want too. I realised that I had not been doing anything new. Leading up to my website launching I was doing a lot of new things which was putting me out of my comfort zone and then suddenly each day was the same again. I fell into another new normal which led me to a holding pattern.

I engaged a Life Coach.

So what did I do? I engaged a Life Coach for myself instead of being one for others. I have only had two sessions via Skype so far with my new Coach, but that was all it took for me to see what was happening and find a way to break the cycle. When you are trying to make a big change in your life, it does not have to start with big changes. Even the smallest change in your daily routine can cause ripples.

I changed my daily Routine.

The easiest way for me to change something was my normal morning trip to collect the mail. The trip is literally less than a kilometre down the road, but I always tie it in with doing something else so I am always in the car. This week I changed this habit! First thing in the morning after my son shut the front door to go to school I jumped on my bike and headed off. Thinking this was going to be a big long journey of adventure I was quite surprised to find that the entire trip including the post office, the bakery and the supermarket and home again took an entire 20 minutes!!! Hardly a dent in my day, yet it changed everything in my head.

That lead to a Bigger Change.

That small change felt so good, that the next day, the mail trip was not enough! I went on an epic adventure to our local beach which is only a 5-minute drive but took me 35 minutes to pedal to. A funny thing happened while I was riding along. I suddenly forgot about all the different ideas running around in my head, I suddenly let go of my frustration of not knowing which way forward. Instead, I noticed the lovely spring perfume of the flowers and the pine trees. The buzz of the bees in the hedges as I rode past seemed so ridiculously loud I laughed nervously and rode a little quicker. And then the calming tranquility of my favourite hangout just made everything ok.

And that gave me Clarity.

And what happened when I got home? CLARITY……… I now knew how I could land a few of my ideas which gave me a clearer purpose as to how to give more value and solutions to readers of Thyroid School. On top of that, I felt so great that it was really easy to make extra good food choices for my thyroid health.

All from making the simple change of riding to collect the mail. Who knew??? What simple change can you make this week to cause a new ripple in your life??