Quick Weight Loss

We all want this, don’t we? Whether we put it on in 2 years or over 20, because of a metabolic pathway that has gone astray or from simply eating too much and sitting on our butts too long, we want it off tomorrow, don’t we? And if we are not losing weight quickly enough we get really bored and throw in the towel, or when we start to get sick with headaches and our nose starts running and we feel just downright awful, we think, what’s the point?

The point is, we need to get off the train of chronic disease before we move too close to the first class carriage. I don’t need to tell you what complications come with excess weight. You all know that stuff. What I do want to tell you, is the dangers of moving it too quickly that most people are unaware of.

If you have read my post on Oestrogen Clearance you would know that our fat stores are now considered by the medical fraternity (and of course natural health practitioners) as its own organ. It stores all the fat soluble toxins that we ingest and breathe in and it makes excess bad oestrogen’s to circulate our bodies. So what happens when we lose fat? What happens to all those toxins that are safely stored away? They are released into our blood stream. What happens if we lose fat quickly? It is released into our bloodstream like a torrential mudslide, with no hope of our bodies dealing with it.

I have heard of several accounts now of women who have lost a lot of weight rather quickly and then been diagnosed with breast cancer. They have all been grateful for losing the weight as they have attributed the “finding of the lump while it was still small and treatable” to the fact that they were now slim. But what if the sudden onslaught of toxins was the reason for the new small lump??

With every weight loss program, it is VITAL to your health that you address your Elimination Channels with it. By doing this, as you release toxic waste from your cells, you are helping your elimination organs to deal with it safely, so that you don not end up with toxic garbage chucking laps around your body till it finds somewhere to hang out with its mates.

This is where your natural practitioners are your best friends. They know this stuff inside out upside down. So maybe you should not be thinking about a diet but more about detoxification, because one of the major unavoidable side effects of detoxing is weight loss. When you hit a plateau on a weightless programme, it is generally your body refusing to give up the next layer of toxins. Your body is way smarter than you are – it knows what is inside those cells and it is protecting you at all costs.

It’s time to forget about the latest, greatest programme, for losing weight quickly, instead, who is ready for a detox?