Why Thyroid Health Depends on Liver Health

Is your Refuse System Working Efficiently?

Ever wondered why Naturopaths and other Health practitioners bang on about Liver Health all the time? Do you know it is kind of important to a have a healthy liver but don’t really know why? Well, let me explain to you in simple terms that you will never forget why your liver health is so important.

What does your liver do?

Your liver has the unenviable task of processing all the good stuff and the crap from your blood and sending it down the appropriate pathways for use or for elimination.

How does it do that?

All of your blood passes through your liver once every 3-4 mins. Your liver collects all of the nutrients, hormones, toxins and rubbish. This is what is known as Phase 1 Detoxification. It then sorts it into 5 different categories ready to be taken away. This is Phase 2 Detoxification.

So imagine it like your home and your Garbage Bins. Phase 1 is taking the rubbish to the bins. Phase 2 is sorting the rubbish into 5 different Bins and the garbage man taking each bin away. Instead of our bins being for Green waste, general rubbish, recycling etc, our livers bins are called Pathways and are as follows: The Sulphation Pathway; The Glucoronidation Pathway; The Acetylation Pathway; The Amino Acid Conjugation Pathway; The Methylation Pathway. Each pathway or refuse bin is responsible for different waste or content in the body.

What is the main problem?

Now the problem that most people have is that their Phase 1 Detoxification is overactive – so running really fast, and their Phase 2 Detoxification is under active – so running really slow.

What happens at your home after a big family celebration such as Christmas? There is a lot of extra paper, bottles and food waste that overloads your bins and there is still another week to go Aahhhh! But you keep pushing down the rubbish so you can add another bag but then all of a sudden there is a rubbish strike and all the refuse collectors announce they are not taking away any more rubbish until they get a paid holiday Aaaahhhhh!  Your rubbish continue’s to pile up, doesn’t it? And because you don’t want to get in trouble with the council, you start to bring the rubbish back inside the house to store until the refuse workers go back to work.

This is what happens in your liver. There is so much crap in your blood and it continues to pile up, but in a lot of people, it is not being taken away efficiently, which allows the toxins to recycle the blood stream again and again.

What’s the answer?

First – your refuse collectors do need a holiday! You can achieve this by cutting back on processed foods, eating organic (fewer pesticides for your liver to deal with), using organic body products and so on. Another more powerful and effective way of giving your liver a holiday is to visit the idea of a coffee enema. Sounds gross I know, but is extremely effective in giving your liver a dialysis so to speak.

Second – Your refuse collectors need more money! What is our liver’s monetary system? Nutrients! Vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids and so on. Each of these pathways needs certain nutrients to function properly. We can all agree that nutrients are rather lacking in most of our lives.

So there you have it! Again it all comes down to Toxicity and Deficiency. A simple way to remember what your liver does for your body. What are you going to do to improve your liver health?