When it's time to break up with your diet.

“I must go back on my diet”!  It has recently become apparent to me that I had been hearing this very statement over and over in clinic.   At first I thought this was great!  This individual knows what works for them and they know when to go back to it – usually when there is a health crisis or they have put on 10kg or so.

But my thoughts have now changed.  I suddenly realised that this diet they were on – in whatever form it took – was not right for them.  How do I know that?  Because they are having to go back to it!  If it suited them and it worked and was sustainable then they would never have strayed from it (apart from weddings, special events or whatever) in the first place.

Every Diet Works for someone

So there are a million different diets and protocols for health out there.  I have tried a good number of them over the years in an effort to lose the weight I put on with my thyroid.  I am not here to say they are all bunkum and are rip offs in fact every diet out there is successful – for at least one person – generally the person who wrote it.  I am here to say everyone needs to find what works for them, what is simple to them and therefore what is sustainable long term.

I am also not saying that we have to pick a diet and stick to it until the day we die.  Things change and so must we with them, and if after five years of being vegan for example, your body suddenly demands to be fed a big fat steak from now on, then we change and we adapt.

How do we find a diet that works for us?

There are a few different areas to look at to see if the diet is something we can sustain.

  1. Implementing it in our daily routine is simple (remember, everyone’s simple is different)
  2. We feel healthy and well on this protocol.
  3. We have little or no day-to-day illnesses like colds and flus.
  4. Any existing illnesses or symptoms are starting to reverse.
  5. When we go to a family gathering or restaurant, it is no big deal to just continue with our protocol the next day.

That last one is the clincher.  Even our ancestors must have had times of eating things they normally would not at big celebrations or village gatherings, but normal life would then have prevailed the next day and life would have continued as normal.  This then allows you to never have to worry about those big nights out or family gatherings (as long as they are not a daily occurrence!).

So next time you find yourself saying, “I must go back on my diet”, perhaps it’s time to rethink your daily diet and find out what other options may work for you.