I Am Worth It - Repeat It After Me!

Today I will remember I am Worth It

Worth the Trouble
Worth the Effort
Worth the Time

Just for today I will remind myself that
I am worth the Struggle
I am worth the Tears
I am worth the Fight

Today, when I am
Too Tired
Too Discouraged
And I Doubt Myself

I will keep going and Remember
I am Worth It.

There is a scene in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where Toula is watching her fiancé be baptised so that they can be married in her church. She says to her brother “soon he will realise I’m not worth it” to which her brother replies “You are soooo worth it”.

Why do we look to others to tell us our self-worth?

We always look to others for encouragement and forget that the person whose opinion matters the most is our own. We are the ones that will always have our own backs no matter what, but how often do we remind ourselves of this? How often do we tell ourselves we are doing a great job at just being us? Seriously! No one else knows how to be us! We are doing an awesome job of it, and we need to remind ourselves of this every day.

Just in case you can’t quite get the words out of your own mouth ( I burst into tears the first time I said it out loud to myself) let me help you out.

I love you! You are doing a great job!