How to Get the Chores done Despite Thyroid Fatigue

Don’t feel controlled by your chores!

We have all been there, sitting down to a cup of tea (or whatever floats your boat) and your other half asks “Did you remember to book the plumber/Air Con service man/ car in for a service”? Or making a booking for your pet at the “pet hotel” for your sudden work trip only to be turned away as you forgot to get the last booster shots at the vet. The list of household chores can be endless and overwhelming. Part of a simple healthy life is about making sure your day to day responsibilities are simple and organised. Do you want to know how to organise your household chores?? Lets read on to find out.

A Monthly Master Calendar

First you are going to roughly sketch out on as big a piece of paper as you can find 12 squares. They are going to be titled January, February, March….. you get the idea! Now this is going to take a little while to complete because you are not going to remember everything in one sitting, so just pin it up somewhere and add to it as you go along.

Remember to slot in under each month things like

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Fertilising & mulching the gardens
  • Junk clean up collections for your area (if you have them)
  • Servicing the air-conditioning
  • Termite checks and pest control (we have to spray for spiders every spring due to red backs)
  • Spring cleaning of the house like hand scrubbing the floors instead of mopping
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cleaning vents
  • Washing windows and tracks
  • Having the carpets professionally cleaned
  • Cleaning blinds and curtains
  • Mopping and cleaning under heavy furniture items
  • Pet visits to the vet needs to go into this list for their yearly injections etc
  • Car servicing & tyre alignments
  • Fridge, freezer and pantry clean outs
  • Pool / Spa treatments, testing and cleaning
  • Outdoor furniture pack and tie downs if you live in cyclone/tornado environments
  • Wet dusting of cornices and skirting boards
  • Cob web removal outside and inside
  • Clearing out kids clothes that no longer fit
  • Taking unused toys to a swap meet
  • and the list goes on…….

A Weekly Master Calendar
You can even narrow it down further if you want into a weekly schedule for washing, ironing, mowing the lawn, washing the car and all those other delightful things we love to think about.

The idea of a “master calendar” is so that you free up real estate in your head. You can let the stress of worrying about this kind of stuff go. If you have set up your calendar well to start with, and you are diligent about adding any extra jobs to it as you go along, you can remove the stress of household chores from your life. The other thing this achieves if you are clever and put it up where the whole family can see it, is it makes everyone else aware of what exactly is involved in the running of the house and may just encourage others to offer a helping hand (it could happen you know)!

Now you do not put on this calendar things you are only doing this once like you are having the driveway re-paved. This calendar is strictly for things you do (or should do) every month or year.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop us ignoring these chores or help us avoid doing them – we still have to actually do them, but just making that slight adjustment from “oh yes, I should have done that” which chips away at you little by little, to knowing exactly what you need to book in or do this month makes a massive difference to making you feel more in charge of your life.

I would love to know how you organise your household chores or what chores you have to do on a regular basis that you always seem to forget to book or set time aside for……