How Thyroid School was born

When I went back to school to become a Naturopath at age 40 it was for the sole purpose of helping myself. That's it.

I didn't have any grand ideas about a clinic or specialising in anything or going onto further study, I just wanted to learn why, after 20 years with thyroid disease, I was still overweight, struggling with a bunch of symptoms and tired even though my blood tests said "NORMAL".

Encouraging Words

About half way through my studies, when I started student clinic hours, I found myself one day rostered in the dispensary. The clinic Supervisor was there with me and we were chatting when I admitted to her that I was not sure I could actually be a Naturopath.  

When she asked me why, I confided that I felt like a fraud. I mean, who would want to come and see me for advice when I clearly still carried excess weight and didn't look like a "Naturopath"?

She looked me square in the eyes and said "Kylie, I don't know of any thyroid person that has half the energy you do. I'm betting every single one of them would want to know how you have achieved that". 

With tears streaming down my face I asked "Do you really think so?"

"Of course! Just share what you have learned for yourself and your clients will be happy"

The strangest thing was that it was the first time I had considered maybe I could actually use my qualifications, which I'm sure my husband would have been pleased to know since those qualifications were costing a fortune.

But Thyroid School did not start here.

My first business name out of college was "Make Healthy Simple"

Why? Because that tends to be my strong point. I LOOVE organising stuff. If I could write lists for the rest of my life I would. And I would be happy doing it too. 

So that's where my starting point was. I cut my teeth as they say by figuring out a website and a facebook page. Considering up until this moment I was not on social media AT ALL this was a monumental step. A massive leap of faith.

I learned how to do write content, design graphics, run facebook ads and went down the rabbit hole of lead magnets, sales funnels,  seo & marketing. I embarked on 2 major online business courses that taught me the how's and the why's and relied on my brothers for technical support.

But it still wasn't right.

You see, it suddenly occurred to me that nobody googles "How do I make healthy simple" Kinda obvious right? 

Because I had no back up plan I just kept going until one day I was driving along in the car. I was not far from home and coming around a narrow bend where even though it's 2 lanes you have to really hug your side of the road if there is another car coming. It was at that precise moment that I heard the words:


They were spoken aloud as if by someone sitting in the back seat. Now you would think that would have freaked me out, but it had happened twice before in my life so I just kind of went "oh ok then" A little woo woo for some maybe but that's what happened.

I sat with it for a month or two. I knew I wanted to mass educate. I knew I wanted to work online and I knew from experience the heartache and despair of being a thyroid patient. I pondered on the many women who had poured their hearts out to me during clinic and I considered the many questions I answered on a regular basis and slowly came to the realisation that Thyroid School would be able to evolve into whatever it needed to.

So, the process of a new website, changing over my facebook page and rebranding was set in motion. Since I wasn't sure that this was the one, I simply used the logo I had designed for Make Healthy Simple and then changed it up a bit. I wasn't ready to put money behind it just in case.

For the next 3 years it steadily grew as I found my feet and my voice. I attended expo's at my husbands encouragement, wrote books, developed products and continued with more study.

Which brings me to today.

This moment. Writing to you while I lie in bed. You see I have learned that being an entrepreneur sometimes mean you have to work at odd hours, in strange places and whenever the mood strikes. I've learned that it is way more time consuming than working for someone else and I've learned that my brain never switches off (which can be challenging when trying to keep my adrenals happy so that my thyroid is too). But I wouldn't have it any other way.

What is Thyroid School now?  Thyroid School as it turns out is my school.

I am the student and I am the teacher. 

Have you heard the saying "You teach what you need to learn and you learn what you need to teach"?  Well, Thyroid School is a place for me to collect all the information I have learned about healing myself and keep it in an organised but pretty manner. It's like all my assignments rolled into one folder.

If by reading it, you find inspiration to change your own story, then my job is done. If you find a missing piece to your puzzle by watching me put together my own puzzle, that will make me sooo happy.

So here is my promise to you. 

I will share on Thyroid School everything I learn, everything I try, everywhere I go for treatments or solutions and everyone who has inspired me or helped me in some small or large way.

I will continue to make things simple, cause that's what I love. And I will also share the highs and lows with you.

Above all I promise to never stop striving to change my own Thyroid Story because in doing that, in changing my own story, I can change the world. 

And so can you.

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