How Long Does it Take to Heal Naturally?

The process of natural healing is a really important concept to understand and one I talk to my clients about regularly.  I also remind myself constantly if I feel like I am not getting anywhere, that I am actually perfectly on track.

The rule of thumb is one week for every month you have been ill.  Now, I have had Hashimoto’s since I was 21 years old – I am now 43.  That means I will take a good five years to heal using natural medicine if I am constantly working on it, even then it may take longer.

Can Natural medicine heal the thyroid?

Not everyone believes you can heal from Thyroid disease.  I however, believe that unless it was something congenital that you were born with, and it hasn’t been removed or damaged through trauma, there is every reason to believe that given the right nutrition, lifestyle and environment that your body can heal itself.

I am about two years into my natural healing and I have lost 20kg and halved my thyroid medication.  So as impatient as I get sometimes, I have to remind myself of the long term goal of actually healing my body, not just losing weight which is actually a symptom, not a disease.

Being in a hurry will get you nowhere

For some people, this kind of time-frame is not expedient enough. I have had this conversation recently with my gorgeous  over-achieving, executive stress-type, sister-in-law.  She does not have time to wait this out (J is looking at a similar time-frame to myself with healing her allergies and sinusitis), and in her career is very good at finding a solution to a problem in the quickest most effective way possible.  So to look at five years, just seems ludicrous and inefficient to her I am sure.  The thing is, if J continues to use whatever she can get from the chemist to dry up her nose in minutes or pops those pills for her migraines, where is she going to be in five years?  Still doing the same thing!

Like myself, I could just take my tablets and keep trying to motivate myself to diet the extra weight off but I would still be in the same place after five years.  Not only that I would be a step closer to other diseases due to the extra weight, inflammation, hormone disruption and so on.

It is a long haul to heal when using natural methods, but really, what other choice do we have?