How to Know if our Thyroid is Healing.

What is Herrings Law of Cure?

This is a really interesting phenomenon that occurs as you carry out detoxification and healing.  This philosophy follows the progression of disease which enters newer skin and then travels inwards and upwards in the body. When a person detoxifies and begins to clear the many layers of toxins they have accumulated since birth, Herrings Law of Cure states that the progression process will reverse. So, if a set of symptoms show up that were experienced many years before, it is likely that the patient has healed the layers back until that point in their life.

With Herrings Law of Cure the healing process goes:

From the head down
From the inside out
Form more important to less important organs
Symptoms reappear in reverse order to their appearance

I experienced this first hand when I did a juice fast earlier in the year.

The theory goes with juice fasts according to David Rainoshek from that for every day you juice you reverse your health or heal the last 120 days.

On about day 3 of my fast, my knee began to absolutely ache. I said to my husband “Wow, this feels as bad as it did before my operation”. As soon as I said that it occurred to me that my operation (for a torn meniscus) had been pretty much a year ago to the day.

Because I had been putting off getting it done due to study commitments (was waiting for the holidays so it didn’t interfere haha) I had gotten to the point where I needed a crutch to just walk around. So the pain I experienced this day was very familiar.

What happened on day 4 of my juice feast? I woke up with absolutely no pain and it had never felt so good.

So whether you believe in this or not, there are millions of cases out there that speak to its truth. I remember reading one such story many years ago about a man who after going through a major detox for many years started vomiting shiny stuff. He tracked it back to mercury he had played with as a child from a broken thermometer.

What is Your personal Health History?

Have you sat down and written your personal health history? You know the ones we have to fill in at naturopaths, doctors offices etc? Maybe it is time to do it more thoroughly?

You know the ones we have to fill in at naturopaths, doctors offices etc?

Maybe it is time to do it more thoroughly?

You always start with the most recent ailment and work backwards listing all of the health issues, traumas and accidents you may have experienced. Go right back to your birth if you can and even conception. Were you conceived naturally, IVF, breastfed, bottle-fed and so on?

If you are not interested in tracking your reversal of symptoms due to Herrings Law of Cure, it will still be an amazing resource for the next time you engage a new health practitioner.