The Tool for Thyroid Weight Loss

Yes, there is a tool you can use for weight loss!

There are a lot of gadgets out there for weight loss. Some work, some don’t. The one I am about to suggest is  not an app or a mindset, it is not a lock on the fridge or a couch with nails so you never sit down! It is not a desk over a treadmill or a fat-sucking machine!

It is a glucose meter!

“But Kylie, I don’t have Diabetes” some of you are saying! Nor do I – but it is what I use every day when in weight loss mode. This little tool helps me to figure out if what I am eating is keeping me in fat storing or not.

Here’s why we need one for weight loss

When we eat carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, sugar, processed foods) which are sugars in its various forms, the pancreas releases insulin, whose job it is to use the sugar or store the sugar as fat. If there is so much sugar that the body has no hope of using anytime soon, then insulin tucks it away in a fat cell for a rainy day. Trouble is, there are not many rainy days now.

When you check your glucose, that gives you the direct daily clue as to how much insulin you will have in your blood stream. If the glucose is high, so to the insulin. Now, this may not just happen from candy, cookies, and cake, but from healthful foods as well.  If you have had nothing but salad and freshly made vegetable juice and your reading is high, perhaps there were one too many apples in that juice for your particular chemistry? Or your levels are staying just above normal on a daily basis, so you can figure out through trial and error, is it the corn you are having at every meal? Is it the almond milk you swapped out for your cow’s milk that has a sneaky “sugar” in the ingredients that you hadn’t thought to check.

One More Way to Know Your Body

This tool will give you further insight into knowing what your body can and can’t handle when it comes to weight loss as opposed to maintenance. You might be great at losing weight if you are being a raw vegan, but fine to eat normal vegan (adding back the grains) to maintain your weight loss. Over time you will also get to know what level your glucose sits at when you need to lose and what level it sits at when you are in maintenance.

Maintenance of weight loss

Once you have a handle on your levels and don’t feel the need to check them on a daily basis anymore, it is a great tool for an at home check up once a month. They are easy to use and are not too costly. I find the more expensive the basic machine, the cheaper the refill needles and swabs are and the cheaper the machine the more expensive the refills. So it is up to you really.

For me, though, I would never be without mine.

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