5 Thyroid Weight Loss Options

The “Weight” of Thyroid Weight Loss.

For those of us with a slow thyroid, and a few that have a thyroid that can’t make up its mind and swings from fast to slow, weight loss is a thought that never strays far from our minds. It is always there, from dressing in the most slimming outfit you can find in the morning to flopping down on the couch at the end of the day, putting your legs up in front of you and staring at them longingly wishing they wouldn’t look so puffy. Thyroid weight loss is always a nagging phrase in the back of our mind!

One thing I have learned about thyroid weight loss.

In my journey to restore my thyroid function and reverse the symptoms and weight that came with its downfall, is that you have to find what works for you! I know you have heard this before, but I beg you, listen again! You are an individual. Yes, you have thyroid disease like 50 million others on the planet, however, your genes, your lifestyle, the air you breathe, the stress you experience, the chemical reactions to the food you eat are all different from everyone else with thyroid disease! You are unique and therefore your thyroid weight loss journey will be too.

Don’t blindly follow the science.

Just because the evidence and science exist that coconut oil is amazing for thyroid function and weight loss, does not mean it will have that effect for you. For most it probably will, but for some, like me, it does not! For me, if I have it too often or two days in a row even, it makes me feel lethargic and quite ill. Maybe it is down to something that is still healing inside of me, and once that has happened I will feel the same effects as the studies have concluded. But until then, I know my body – and I have to back myself no matter what the science says. And I am asking you to back yourself too!

How you find out your thyroid weight loss formula

Keeping a diary, and complete persistence is the only way you are going to crack your own code. So for now, take the pressure off yourself that you are trying to lose weight, and change the focus to “you are trying to find out what makes your body tick”. It is a huge distinction in your brain. Consider yourself a project, a makeover or renovation. First, you need to see what you are working with, then try different approaches before the final reveal.
A diary is absolutely crucial for when the foggy brain kicks in, but more so for you to be able to spot patterns that you would otherwise not notice. This is how I discovered my issue with coconut oil. After a week without feeling crappy, then suddenly it happening again, I went back to my diary to see what I was eating or doing the last time. The only thing that popped out was the Coconut Oil. So I trialled it by going another week feeling good, then introduced it for 2 days again. Yep! Nailed it!! That was the culprit. You can’t get this kind of clarity without a diary I promise you.

Next, you need to look at what ways of eating have suited you in the past. When was the last time you were at your ideal weight – what were you eating back then? Then the trials begin. The following options are all ones I have used with varying success. I am not going to reveal what works for me specifically, though because I want you to find your own way (this is really important). But needless to say, one of them is how I lose weight, and one of them is how I eat long term to maintain.

Option 1 – Juice Fasting/Feasting

I first came across this several years ago and admired the people’s stories I read about reversing their health problems and releasing their weight. Then it became more main stream after the release of Joe Cross’s first film “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”. If this interests you, check out this film and his follow-up film Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2. On his website, he also offers juice programs including one for thyroid.
Juice fasting or feasting (depending on who you talk to) basically involves drinking up to 3 litres of fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice and drinking water. This is done for 3 days up to 100 days or more.
If this interests you, it is absolutely necessary to work with a doctor or practitioner like Joe did in the film, that can order blood tests throughout the process. Your thyroid will likely respond quickly, so if you are on medication then tests are vital to not send you into hyperthyroidism (which is extremely unpleasant).

Option 2 – Low Ketogenic, High Fat Diet

This diet is essentially really low carbs/sugar, high fat, and moderate protein. A lot of the shake type diets are based on this balance of nutrients and while I was never a fan of these in the past I have since realised there is a place for them.
I have tried one of them now in an effort to understand how they work and if it is a viable option for my clients, and after much research and trying to find one that had no soy in it, the one I like is called Isowhey, which will be in my shop shortly.
The biggest surprise that came from this option for me, was the absolute change in how I felt mentally. I didn’t think I was unhappy, but crikey, by day 4, I felt so good it was ridiculous!
As these shakes are generally mixed with milk (which I don’t use), instead I swapped it with the same amount of water and added 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts to the blender. This kept with the high fat, and also kept me satiated no problems at all. It was also easy to pre-make the shakes (you have 2 shakes and a meal) and put them in a thermos to take to University with me each day. If I had a social event I would save that for my meal and have the shakes at the other 2 meals.
I feel this is a great start for those of you that are not that handy in the kitchen and are really busy. Studies have also concluded that this way of eating is extremely positive on heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Option 3 – Raw Vegan

This movement has gained momentum over the years, to the point most people know what you mean when you say those words. For those of you that have not caught up yet, being a raw vegan means that you eat only plant-based food, so fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and they are prepared in a way that does not destroy their live enzymes. This means not heating to above 41 degrees.
There are hundreds of thousands of youtube videos showing how to prepare gourmet delights that would tickle any taste buds, so just google raw food recipes and take your pick. I have many of the books but one I particularly like for beginners is a book and DVD by Alyssa Cohen. I defy you to not want to try it after watching her!
It is a whole new way of eating with different appliances such as dehydrators being used. There are also many different subcategories here including the 80-10-10 which is mostly fruit with a little salad and nuts or the non-gourmet raw foodies who don’t dehydrate their foods. There are many, many before and after stories online of people who have released masses amounts of weight eating this way, including some with thyroid disease such as Angela Stokes-Monarch.

Option 4 – Low Fat Vegan

This allows for more variation than a raw vegans lifestyle and includes grains. While I personally don’t do grains very well (RIP my beloved rice pudding) other thyroid people have successfully reversed their thyroid disease and excess weight in this way. Again I wonder if once I have balanced and restored my thyroid health, gut health and liver health that grains may be back on a more permanent menu, but for now, sadly they are not.
Elena Wilkins of Vega-Licious is great to follow if this type of eating tickles your fancy. Not only did she reverse her thyroid, she cured a Pituitary Adenoma and infertility on top of the weight she lost. At first, she went vegan, but after her own trial and error, she discovered that low-fat vegan was the answer to her own health puzzle. Maybe it is yours?

Option 5 – Paleo / Autoimmune Paleo / Primal

This one is for those of you that couldn’t possibly give up your carnivorous ways! This style of eating is about good quality proteins (grass fed and finished), abundant plant food (fruits, veg, nuts & seeds) and fermented veg (for gut health). So in short, no dairy, no sugar, no grains, no processed or refined foods.
This way of eating is really successful in reversing Leptin Resistance which is an issue with most overweight people
You can find more in-depth information or programs online. I particularly like Marks Daily AppleThe Paleo Way with Pete Evans and Dr. Jack Cruse.

So, do I still eat Pavlova at Christmas?

You bet! Do I still eat Baguettes with my French Mother-in-Law? From time to time! I am normal and human as are you! Plus I have healed enough now that eating these things occasionally no longer renders me feeling completely ill.

My journey and yours are about knowing our own bodies, enjoying life and finding the balance.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x