5 Things my Thyroid taught me this year.

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More and more these days I find I need to reflect on things.

Reflect on events.
Reflect on projects.
Reflect on my successes and .... well not so successful times.

So being the end of the year I find myself reflecting on what this year brought for me. 

I WILL slide backwards if I don't put myself first.

Often I find myself putting other people first…. sound familiar?

Yep, just like you I have this weird habit of thinking everyone else in the world is far more important than I could possibly be. So I go out of my way, go without meals, miss my meditation and stress over goodness what, so that I am a good, nurturing loving person.

I mean, if I didn’t put others first I would be seen as a b*#ch right?

I discovered the hard way though that if I don’t put myself first, my thyroid health slides.

The weight edges back on slowly.

That slow silent scream deep down inside starts to get loud again.

I heard recently that when you fill up your cup…. that’s just for you. Anything spilling over the sides of the cup is for everyone else.

I’m not sure about you, but when I first heard that statement I was completely triggered. Holy crap…. I can’t take the whole cup just for me 😳… but it makes total sense if I’m being honest.

It’s hard to help the people around you if you are struggling to smile.

So in the interest of everyone around me, I thank my thyroid for teaching me that I have to come first.


It is imperative to my healing to speak my truth.

Our thyroid sits in our throat chakra and as such is about speaking our truth.

What does that mean?
Being honest with ourselves…
And those around us.

That’s tough to do.
In fact, for me personally the toughest bit is being honest with myself first.

I have had an extremely strange year this year, with some very big wins and some big losses.
It wasn’t until I got really honest with myself around what I want with life and business that I started to see the losses were needed to get to where I wanted to go.

Sometimes it’s hard to speak our truth because we don’t want to be seen as weird, or different or just be judged by people who don’t understand.

The funny thing is, I will happily speak quite openly on Thyroid School, both here and on social media, but when it comes to posting anything that family and friends will read I freeze up and go into states of panic in case I am being judged.

Even though I know that my friends and family are my champions.

So the judgement is simply my own.

Let that shit go my gorgeous friends…. I will if you will ok?

From a physical perspective, not speaking up and saying what we want or need, causes a great deal of stress. And stress causes sticky blood, inflammation and all sorts of other nasty situations that our thyroids really can’t deal with.

So speak up ok?

Thyroid Disease is not an excuse to give up my dreams.

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a writer.

I would dream of my grown up life, seeing myself sitting in cafe’s scribbling my next NY Times Best Seller. (Yes showing my age that I scribbling and not tapping away in my dreams 😉)

There were many times through my life where I had a go, and timidly dipped a toe in the “writing a book” pond.
But I was always too scared to follow through.
Who was I to be an author?

Fast forward to today and as I sit here tapping away I have 3 of my 5 published books on the shelf above me.
All but one is about Thyroid Disease and the other one, is about letting go.

Having this disease is the reason I became an author.
NOT the reason I couldn’t be one.

These books were not what I had in mind when I was a little girl, but they are the books I couldn’t find when I first got thyroid disease. In fact they are the very books I keep on my desk in case I need to refer to them while writing my posts.

So dig deep my friend…. what is it you really want to do?
And is your thyroid really going to stop you?

My thyroid is NOT who I am

After 5 years of running Thyroid School, and trying to help myself while helping others, I started to feel like I was just a walking (sickly) Thyroid.

Almost every conversation I have is about thyroid disease.
But I realised this year that is not who I am.

I am a woman who loves all things pink
I am a woman who loves to stare at the ocean until I am dragged away
I am a woman who loves to bake beautiful things for family and friends
I am a woman who loves to launch lightworkers and build their brand and websites
I am a woman who loves crafting stories
I am a woman who loves to create anything arty
I am a woman who wants to learn watercolour painting
I am a woman who wants to travel the world
I am a woman who loves crystals and essential oils
I am a woman who craves the smell of my husbands neck
I am a woman who would take on the world for my son
I am a woman who loves laughing and shopping with my girlfriends
I am a woman who fiercely protects my family
I am a woman who never gives up, never gives in, and will never stop trying
I am not just a woman with Thyroid Disease…. and neither are you.

My thyroid disease is my greatest gift

While I am not my thyroid, I have finally come to accept that Thyroid Disease has been my greatest gift.
Remember that dream I had as a little girl?

There is no way I would be even close to achieving that dream if I did not have Thyroid Disease.

Writing Thyroid books has shown me that I can write other books. And with every book sale that pops up from Amazon or iTunes I am reminded that I am actually an author.

Without Thyroid Disease, I would not have met so many amazing people across the world as I have. At this time, if I were to travel the world tomorrow, I could find a friendly Thyroid School member no matter where I went.

I have met incredible work colleagues that I collaborate with. I have met inspiring entrepreneurs that show up and never give up. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of.

Yes it is a crappy disease.
But I won’t be identified by it.
I will never let it stop me achieving my dreams.
It is the reason I will speak my truth.
And because of it, I will always put myself first.

How is that not a gift?

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Kylie Wolfig