10 Things You Never Knew About Me

When I first started an online business it was my full intent to be the hidden mechanism behind the working machine if you know what I mean?

In fact, prior to starting an online business I used to google my name to make sure I never showed up anywhere… yep… I was that private!

No Facebook page, no Instagram account… nothing.

Now, 5 years into my online business, I understand the importance of connection and being seen. And to be truly honest each time I let myself be seen and heard a little bit more, my thyroid heals a little bit more.

So here we go, 10 random things you probably don’t know about me!

1. My Favourite Food Is Potstickers

I would walk all day for a good potsticker! There is something so gloriously comforting about popping a little package of goodness in your mouth all in one go.

Prawn is my favourite, but I’m really not that fussy. If it is a potsticker… I’m your best friend! Set me up with a bowl of steaming stickers and a dipping sauce of salty, sesame seedy, chilli goodness and you won’t hear me talk till they are gone. Sometimes that is a good thing if you ask my husband…

And no, I don’t make or buy gluten free, I don’t avoid the soy sauce that goes with it, I don’t question myself or beat myself up when I eat them.

I just eat them.

And I am in complete happy comfort zone when I do.

What’s your favourite food??

2. I Hate it when people underestimate me.

I have a sticky note on my computer monitor. I’m looking at it right now as I type.

It says “Never Underestimate Yourself Kylie”.

I never realised this was a bug bear of mine, till recently, if people underestimated me.

But it really is.

You don’t even have to say that I can’t do something for me to clench my fists either… you merely have to have a challenging or doubtful look in your eyes and I’ll come up swinging.

But not physically, I will simply go about doing the very thing you say I can’t do.

I think I have a problem hahahaha…..

3. I work week on / week off.

For the longest time I have been trying to work out how to have a work life balance with a husband that works FIFO. If you are new around here or have not read any of my posts, FIFO stands for Fly In Fly Out and is the name for many workers here in Western Australia that fly up north to our mining towns to work and then fly home for their time off.

My husband has worked away for almost all of our 24 years together.

Because of this you could say I have two lives. I have one life where I socialise with my girlfriends and work on my business. And then my other life is completely devoted to being with my husband when he is home.

Fun on weeks off is the number one priority these days!

Fun on weeks off is the number one priority these days!

It is this lifestyle that has been the reason for me to work online. It means I can choose when I work and when I don’t. So when you ask questions on facebook and sometimes I answer that day and other times its a few days it depends on what part of the FIFO shift I am in.

But I have ALWAYS felt guilty if I didn’t get back to you quickly. So now I have stopped trying to say to myself I am a bad person for not working while hubby is home, that I need to be a stronger more independent woman and that I shouldn’t be running around after him or putting him first.

I actually WANT to do all those things. I love him.

So I am choosing to work the same roster he does.

My name is Kylie and I work: week on / week off!! And I feel so much better and freer for it.

4. My earliest memory was at 6 months of age

A very old grainy photo of my older brother and I…

A very old grainy photo of my older brother and I…

A while ago I was talking with my family when I remembered a time that I was extremely sick as a child.

I recalled sitting on my mothers lap, coughing so much that I was exhausted.

Watching my older brother on the cold mosaic tiled floor, playing with his red matchbox cars, I desperately wanted to get down and play with him. But I was just too tired with the incessant cough.

While talking about this memory, my mum looked at me quizzically and I could see the cogs turning as she worked out time frames.

“You can’t remember that! You were 6 months old! You had whooping cough”!!

Ever since discovering that, I have a fascination with young babies and how much they are actually taking in from what is going on around them.

My next memory after that was at 18 months old when I had Chicken Pox so bad I was quarantined in hospital. I was standing in my cold metal sterile cot crying my eyes out because visiting hours was over and my Mum and Dad had just left. The nurse walked up to me and said “ohhh what’s wrong.. are you cold?” and proceeded to put a cardigan on me. And I vividly remember thinking very clearly and coherently, “What are you thinking? My parents just left you idiot!”

So what is your earliest memory and how old were you?

5. I’m terrified every time I go live

I have a love / hate relationship with social media.

Plus I hate being the centre of attention.

In fact, on our wedding day 20 years ago, when our limo arrived an hour early to pick us up from the reception to take us to our hotel I was so relieved! I had not eaten any of my lovingly picked meal because my stomach was just a pile of knots.

Some of the facebook lives I have done are at the beach…. wanna know a secret? I like to do them at the beach because then I think you will be distracted by the beautiful blue ocean and then you won’t be looking at me. 😂😂😂 I’m wondering if it works? Let me know will you!

Add to my fear of you looking at me I have this thing called “Perfectionism” and feel often like if my background isn’t perfect, if my makeup isn’t lovely, if my hair isn’t sitting just right that I can’t possibly give you quality thyroid information.

It sounds ridiculous just typing it… but that’s the honest truth of it!

6. I used to dream of being a famous cake decorator

Being an avid cook, many years ago I loved the idea of being a Cake Decorator. I mean, what’s not to love right? Creating amazing cakes and watching people’s eyes light up when they see it for the first time. Listening to their squeals of delight as they scream “I won’t be able to cut this up”. Absolutely heart filling!

I loved the creativity of cake decorating and making something out of nothing…

I loved the creativity of cake decorating and making something out of nothing…

And because I am the type of person who will try anything and don’t see a reason why I can’t, I decided I wanted to make this my career. My calling.

And I did for a very short time!

But then thyroid inflammation kicked in and I found myself at work one day with shooting pains up and down my left arm (we both know what I was thinking…) It turned out to be tendonitis, so the extremely repetitive occupation of cake decorating had to be let go.

My husband and son miss those days because of the endless amount of sugar always on tap around the house, but my body thanks me for giving it up every day.

7. I have a business coach to keep me on track and call me out.

I have always thought having a business coach or mentor was for those that were earning a kajillion dollars and ready to break through the bajillion dollar ceiling.

Until I got my own.

And now I understand the value of having somebody keep me on track with my goals and dreams.

Not only that, I have someone who will call bullshit on my excuses.

Her name is Dr Gladys Ato and having her in my corner has become invaluable to me stepping into my dreams and chasing them relentlessly. Sometimes I think we are too close to our own dreams and too attached to the outcome, so having someone that is cheering us on, but also happy to call us out when we become distracted is the best thing ever!

Have you ever hired the services of any kind of coach? Health, fitness, life or business??

8. I own a collection of beautiful heels that have never seen the sidewalk.

Is this one of those TMI bits?? Hahahaha I am an open book so I figure its ok, and definitely falls into the category of “things you don’t know about me”….

My patient husband reading the paper while I shop for shoes… Yes I know how lucky I am!

My patient husband reading the paper while I shop for shoes… Yes I know how lucky I am!

Yes I have a collection of beautiful heels… and I never wear them out.

I can’t walk in heels for shit! They hurt right?

But they are sexy…

And sometimes you will find me sitting at my desk in workout gear and high heels on. Seriously.

And, well, hubby thinks they are sexy too 🤭😉

So I probably have the largest selection of beautiful shoes… and I mean, Wayne Cooper, SABA, Guess that have never walked outside this house.

And I LOVE them….

What strange collection do you have?

9. I can’t cook for 2 people

Yep I’m the person who will make a salad for 10 people even though I’m the only one in the house that will eat it.

I’m the ex-cook who can’t make spaghetti for less than 20 people.

Preparing for Christmas…

Preparing for Christmas…

That’s why we own a deep freeze!

When I met my husband I was working as a cook in a pub, in the middle of nowhere. We would often get groups of workers stay so cooking in large quantities was my life.

But I got so good at being organised and covering those numbers that the “leftovers” from that part of my life is that I can’t cook for just hubby and I.

Just Can’t.

Don’t know how. 🤷‍♀️

On the Sunday’s that hubby is home, you will often find us cooking up a storm on the BBQ ( I am an Aussie after all 🙃) but we cook so much that you would think we had a hoard of hungry Crows coming to eat (who’s a GoT fan?). My French mother-in-law is always extremely confused as to why I feel it necessary to cook that much but luckily there are plenty of willing takers for leftovers in my circle, so food never goes to waste plus there is that deep freeze…

We are looking at moving into an apartment though which means no room for a big double chest freezer for the extras. I’m silently freaking out about how I am going to change my very ingrained ways.

Got any advice for me? Or recipes… for two?

10. I will try ANYTHING… except Oysters

When I was 18 I lived and worked on Hamilton Island.

This is an Island situated in the Whitsundays which is part of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

I worked in a Fish and Seafood take-away called Harpoon Harry’s and I absolutely adored my time there.

My boss Pete was obsessed with getting me to eat an oyster for the first time. He crumbed them, fried them, marinated them, pureed them… you name it he did it!! But to this day, 30 years later, my tongue has never tasted an oyster!!

But Oysters aside, oh and throwing myself off anything - think bungee jumping, skydiving etc, I will try anything.

There is a song from the kids movie Zootopia called “Try Everything” and the lyrics go

Me when I lived on Hamilton Island in the late 80’s. This was a year or so before my thyroid went on strike.

Me when I lived on Hamilton Island in the late 80’s. This was a year or so before my thyroid went on strike.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won’t leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

And that kind of sums me up.

I may take a little while to gain courage for some things while other things I’m doing before you have finished suggesting it. I’m very contradictory like that!

But the bottom line is, I will try pretty much anything in the endless chasing of my dream.

What’s my dream?

Travelling with my husband, laptop in hand, writing more books, and helping the thyroid community to understand that our life is a gift. That our thyroid disease is a gift if we choose to see it that way.

If I did not have thyroid disease, I would not be sitting here, tapping away on my keys while my office around me is slowly emptying itself of stock and books and papers so that I can live that dream.

If I did not have thyroid disease, I would not be working on a manuscript for my publisher.

If I did not have thyroid disease, I would not be married to my husband.

If I did not have thyroid disease, I would not have met so many amazing humans that come together with me on a daily basis to try and figure out life together.

So please don’t see thyroid disease as a STOP sign… it is anything but a stop sign.

Tell me what you would like to try but have always thought you couldn’t?

So that’s more than you ever wanted to know about me right???

Tell me below what is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

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