10 Simple Rules for Healthy Hormones

Healthy hormones are key to our health, particularly with thyroid disease. But we are always on a bit of an uphill battle with the process so here are some ideas to help you along.

1. Use Glass for Healthy Hormones

If your grandmother didn’t use it for storage or eating off – recycle it, give it away or throw it away! Replace all plastics in the kitchen with glass storage containers. They will last longer (depending on clumsiness level), are more sterile and will not leach chemicals, also known as Endocrine Disruptors (Hormone Havoc), into your food. Do not use plastic wrap or aluminium foil against your food either.

2. Do Not drink out of plastic drink containers

We have all become conditioned to taking water with us on the run, which in itself is a great habit, however, the container we put it in may be disrupting our healthy hormones. Have glass containers or stainless steel containers in many sizes ready to go in your cupboard. It takes a bit longer to wash them out, and they may break occasionally but they won’t harm your body which is far more precious.

3. Do Not eat tinned food

Most cans are lined with BPA, a plastic that has been linked to breast cancer and heart disease. BPA is a major Endocrine Disruptor and derails any hope we have of achieving healthy hormones. Most things that come in cans just provide convenience, but at what cost? Are you willing to trade a little of your time for healthy hormones?

4. Do not drink Coffee out of Take Away Cups

You know the ones we get our coffee and tea on the run out of? The coffee itself is estrogenic and so is the container it is in, particularly so when hot. Drinking hot coffee out of a heated up plastic cup through a heated up plastic mouthpiece is like having a hot cup of oestrogen. Try to carry your own travel mugs and use them instead for healthy hormones.

5. Do not use Chemicals or pesticides

Healthy Hormones are absolutely a dream if we are using chemicals and pesticides on a daily basis. this also means the commercial fruit and veg we purchase. If our food is not organic then it is laced with pesticides that are designed to destroy the endocrine and reproductive systems of little critters. What do you think it does to us bigger critters? Chemicals, in general, are some of the most potent ingredients for causing chaos in your hormonal system. Steer well clear – it will help the planet in the process too!

6. Eat Organic Food.

The pesticides on commercial foods are extreme endocrine disruptors which mean no healthy hormones for you. As we have mentioned above eat organic where you can. If you cannot afford all organic or cannot access it, try hard when it comes to the most heavily sprayed: Apples, Celery, Strawberries, Peaches, Spinach, Nectarines, Grapes, Capsicums, Potatoes, Blueberries, Lettuce/Kale, Cherries, Cucumber, Broccoli, Carrots and Coffee.

7. Use Organic Skin Care.

We put more chemicals and toxins on our skin every day than our grandparents did in their entire lives. Our Liver just cannot cope with constant bombardment like this. It means the body is too busy getting rid of these things to be able to deal with any disease that comes along. If you cannot afford, or are not willing to replace all of your skin care with organic, then pick the most important ones. For example, it is a well-known fact that women (who wear makeup) eat quite a lot of lipstick in their lifetime. So perhaps just swapping out the lipstick for an organic version is a good start.

8. Avoid Phthalates

Phthalates are linked to obesity, diabetes and thyroid issues. These nasty chemicals are found in plastic food containers, plastic wrap, makeup and personal care products, perfumes and nail polish. There are makeup brands, nail polishes and skincare that do not contain any phthalates, so worth searching them out.

9. Throw away your Non-Stick Frypans

Yes, more Endocrine Disruptors! These are coated with perfluorinated chemicals and have been linked to kidney disease, thyroid disease, high cholesterol and sex hormone levels. Not only that, this chemical is completely resistant to breaking down. It will be in our landfill forever.

10. Meditate Daily

Meditation is proven to improve the function of the Endocrine System and the Immune System which decreases ageing and contributes to healthy hormones. It is our Endocrine system that keeps us young and healthy, so as it declines so does our energy, immunity, fitness, digestion and ability to deal with stress.