Vitamin A Improves Thyroid Function

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that we need right at the very beginning of our Thyroid Pathway.

Our Hypothalamus needs Vitamins A & E to make TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) which then prompts the thyroid to make more or less hormone as the body requires.

Our body also needs Vitamin A to:
🍃 Make steroid hormones
🍃 For bone Growth
🍃 Help resist infections
🍃 For healthy vision
🍃 For language perception
🍃 Help with iron usage & storage
🍃 Control gene expression
🍃 Lipid Antioxidant
🍃 For sensory perception

Deficiency in Vitamin A may present as:
🍃 Endocrine cysts
🍃 Dry hair
🍃 Weak fingernails
🍃 Eye inflammation
🍃 Slow Growth
🍃 Rough dry skin
🍃 Sinus problems
🍃 Weight loss
🍃 Tinnitus
🍃 Poor immunity
🍃 Allergies
🍃 Acne

If we have high copper levels, Drink excess alcohol, have gall bladder issues, eat poorly, smoke or are under stress (yep that is just everyone reading really isn't it?) then we may need a bit more Vitamin A than usual.

We can find Vitamin A in 1 cup of the following foods:
🍃 214% of DRI in Sweet Potato
🍃 113% of DRI in Carrots
🍃 105% of DRI in Spinach
🍃 60% of DRI in Silverbeet (Swiss Chard)
🍃 61% of DRI in Beet Greens
🍃 59% of DRI in Winter Squash
🍃 45% of DRI in Romaine Lettuce (Cos Lettuce)
🍃 16% of DRI in Bell Peppers (Capsicum)
🍃 10% of DRI in Asparagus
🍃 15% of DRI in 1 medium Papaya
🍃 11% of DRI in 4oz (100g) Prawns / Shrimp
🍃 5% of DRI in Green Beans
🍃 4% of DRI in 1 little Apricot!!

So let's get our Vitamin A on people!!! 
Here's a tip - if hands are turning orange, have a little less 😂😂

Love & Hugs
Kylie x