Tap Water can Lower Thyroid Function

Depending on where you live your tap water may be contaminated with chloride and fluoride. 

Chloride is used routinely to sanitise our water and fluoride is added by some governments for the misguided reason of improving the health of our teeth. ( I have not used any fluoride for 15 years, in toothpaste, dentist or from its other sources and the only 3 fillings I have are from when I was younger, and just recently my dentist took xrays at a check up and was curious as to how I had such healthy teeth at the age of 46).

The problem with both of these additives is that they block iodine getting into our thyroid.

So it is really important that we thyroid people use a filter that removes both of these items. I use a distiller, but then I add in lemon juice and himalaya salt to reactivate it. Some disagree with distillers and that is ok, we are all different. What we are essentially looking for is something

In our price range
In our comfort zone
That removes chloride & fluoride

Happy hydrating!!