Sweet Potato Improves Thyroid Function

Sweet Potato is an orange vegetable, and all orange fruits and vegetables have higher anti-inflammatory qualities which makes the great for us thyroid people.

But let's have a closer look at what the experts say is in 1 cup of Sweet potato:

🌱 214% of DV in Vitamin A (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 52% of DV in Vitamin C (Adrenal Health)
🌱 50% of DV in Manganese (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 27% of DV in Potassium (Thyroid Health)
🌱 26% of DV in Fibre (Hormone & Colon Health)
🌱 18% of DV in Vitamin B1 (Thyroid Health)
🌱 16% of DV in Vitamin B2 (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 19% of DV in Vitamin B3 (mental health)
🌱 15% of DV in Phosphorous (Liver & MTHR)
🌱 8% of DV in Protein
🌱 34% of DV in Vitamin B6
🌱 9% of DV in Vitamin E (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 5% of DV in Vitamin K (Blood & bones)
🌱 8% of DV in Calcium
🌱 4% of DV in Iodine (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 8% of DV in Iron (Fatigue)
🌱 14% of DV in Magnesium (stress & sugar)
🌱 6% of DV in Zinc (Healing & Immunity)
🌱 1% of DV in Selenium (Thyroid Pathway)

Because of this mix of micronutrients, they are helpful with nerve health, blood sugar regulation, inflammation and are loaded with antioxidants, are antifungal and antibacterial. 

Not sure about you guys, but after writing this list - I'm having Sweet Potato for Dinner!!

For Thyroid friendly recipes using sweet potatoes, check out Thyroid School's Instagram feed!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x