Snowpeas Improve Thyroid Function

Snowpeas are also called mangetout depending on where we live.

They are extremely versatile, they can be thrown into salads, steamed lightly, used as a crudite, sliced open and stuffed with, well, stuff!

So what does the lovely little snowpea contain? Let's get to the list!

100g (around 4 oz) contains:

🌱 22% of DV of Vitamin A (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 100% of DV of Vitamin C (Adrenal Health)
🌱 2% of DV of Vitamin E (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 31% of DV of Vitamin K (Bone & blood)
🌱 10% of DV of Vitamin B1
🌱 5% of DV of Vitamin B2 (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 3% of DV of Vitamin B3 (mental Health)
🌱 8% of DV of Vitamin B6
🌱 10% of DV of Folate (MTHR & Liver)
🌱 7% of DV of pantothenic Acid
🌱 12% of DV of Iron (fatigue, thyroid pathway)
🌱 4% of DV of calcium
🌱 6% of DV of magnesium (sugar & stress)
🌱 5% of DV in phosphorous (liver health)
🌱 6% of DV in potassium (thyroid health)
🌱 2% of DV in Zinc (wound healing)
🌱 12% of DV in Manganese
🌱 1% of DV in Selenium (thyroid pathway)
🌱 10% of DV in Fibre (hormone metabolism)
🌱 It has a glycemic load of 3
🌱 They are antioxidant
🌱 They are anti-inflammatory
🌱 Support blood sugar regulation
🌱 Promote heart health
🌱 And I suspect we could call this a thyroid superfood!!

I try to have some of these beauties everyday, and when the season is right I grow them in the garden, sometimes with success, sometimes not. πŸ˜‰

Love & Green Hugs
Kylie x