Skin Brushing Improves Thyroid Disease

Skin Brushing is the act of running a body brush (generally made of natural bristles) over the body in short regular stroking movements towards the heart.

It is said that skin brushing:

πŸ’œ Improves lymphatic flow
πŸ’œ Removes toxins
πŸ’œ Improves dry skin
πŸ’œ Reduces Cellulite
πŸ’œ Improve elimination channels
πŸ’œ Naturally exfoliates skin
πŸ’œ Improves circulation
πŸ’œ Encourages cell renewal of the skin
πŸ’œ Deters ingrown hairs
πŸ’œ Eliminates clogged pores
πŸ’œ Improve Energy

It is a great wake-me-up in the mornings and makes you feel like you have been for a quick run even if you haven't! If that is not a win-win I don't know what is πŸ˜‰

Love & Hugs
Kylie x