Sitting Impairs Thyroid Function

Have you heard the saying "Sitting is the new Smoking"?

Sitting is not a natural state for us humans, we were designed for standing, squatting and walking. When we sit our nerves are all squished up which causes inflammation.

And have you heard me say "Thyroid Disease is an Inflammatory Disease"?
(hahaha one too many times I'm sure if you have followed me for a while)

So not only does sitting cause inflammation but nerve impingement turns on the famine pathways which makes your body hang onto all its fat reserves for dear life, so weight loss is even harder.

As I spend a ridiculous amount of time at my laptop, I have it set up on my 3 drawer filing cabinet which is just the right height for me. If I need to, I move it onto my desk when I have a million books around me I am referencing, but otherwise, I keep it on the filing cabinet and stand while I work.

Would love to hear other ideas anyone may have on how to sit less!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x