Silverbeet Improves Thyroid Function

Silver beet is also called Swiss Chard.

Just 1 cup of this leafy green a day will give you:

636% DVI of Vitamin K (Blood & Bone)
60% DVI of Vitamin A (Thyroid Pathway)
42% DVI of Vitamin C (Adrenals)
38% DVI of Magnesium (Stress & Sugar)
10% DVI of Calcium (Bones & Alkalising)
5% DVI of Zinc (Thyroid Pathway & Wound Healing)
29% DVI of Potassium (Fatigue)
22% DVI of Vitamin E (Thyroid Pathway)
22% DVI of Iron (fatigue)
15% DVI of Fibre (hormones)
12% DVI of Vitamin B2 (Thyroid Pathway)

Plus many other amazing micronutrients!!

Surely we can add 1 cup of this superfood a day shredded into our salad?? 

Silverbeet Love & Hugs
Kyie x