Silver Fillings Impair Thyroid Function

Silver amalgam fillings used to be the standard, but as society learns better, we do better, and now they are banned in many countries and have been replaced by a composite filling (white ones).

These old fillings contain mercury, which continue to give off vapours for the rest of their days in your mouth. 

Mercury has a particular love of attacking the thyroid which is what makes it so dangerous for thyroid people.

Now, it's not easy to rectify this situation. If you have been lucky like me and have only a few fillings you can have them removed and replaced. But please make sure you go to a dentist that knows how to do this safely! A rubber dam needs to be placed into your mouth so that you don't ingest the metal fragments as they are being removed. You may also want to load up on mercury destroying coriander (cilantro) both before and after the procedure.

As I said, not easy for those of you with many of these fillings in your mouth, but still something you need to know.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x