Salicylate's Impair Thyroid Function

What are salicylates? They are a chemical found in foods and products. How they can affect our thyroid is because we can quite often have an allergy or an intolerance to things containing this chemical.

Anything we eat or use on our body that our body disagrees with will cause inflammation and an immune response. It is part of our thyroid responsibility to figure out what our body likes or doesn't like.

Salicylate sensitivity symptoms may look like:

🔷Panic Attacks
🔷Joint Pain
🔷Fluid retention
🔷Behavioural issues
🔷Digestive issues
🔷Mouth ulcers
🔷Muscle cramps and tremors

So where do we find salicylates lurking?? This chemical exists in ALOT of foods so if we think we have a sensitivity, seeing a professional is really important!! But here is a list of some things that are really high in it.

🔷Peppermint tea
🔷All forms of black tea
🔷Wine & Champagne (sorry)
🔷Commercial toothpastes & soaps
🔷Chewing gum
🔷Almost all herbs & spices (almost, not quite though)
🔷Almonds & Peanuts
🔷Apricots & plums
🔷Tomatoes & peppers
🔷Zucchini (courgette) & mushrooms
🔷Chips & crackers
🔷Worcestershire sauce

As I said, this is just a short list! There are many many more which is unfortunates for those who have a sensitivity to this chemical however relief is massive once the items are removed from the diet/household.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x