Pink Salt Improves Thyroid Function

Now we are talking about PINK salt here!! 
NOT any old white table salt!!

Pink salt - also known as Himalayan Salt contains almost 90 individual micronutrients. Actual sodium is just a portion of those nutrients. 

When we use pink salt, the micronutrients in it help us to absorb and use the sodium the way our bodies need to.

Craving salty foods is part of adrenal issues.
Adrenal issues are part of thyroid problems.
So we need salt.

It is when we go crazy on the ordinary table salt that we get the nasty side effects that have the whole world sworn off salt for health.

So let's make sure that we are getting enough QUALITY salt which will help our adrenals and then, in turn, help our thyroid.

Love & Hugs
Kylie x