Pears Improve Thyroid Function

This ordinary, often left out fruit has a tonne of goodness for our thyroid health.

Do you see a list coming on 😜

The Experts say that 1 medium Pear contains:

🍐10% of DV in Vitamin C
🍐9% of DV in Vitamin K
🍐22% of DV in Fibre
🍐4% of DV in Vitamin B2 (thyroid pathway)
🍐3% of DV in Vitamin B6 (mental health)
🍐3% of DV in Folate (MTHR & Liver)
🍐1% of DV in Vitamin E (thyroid pathway)
🍐2% of DV in Calcium (thyroid & bones)
🍐3% of DV in Magnesium (stress & sugar)
🍐5% of DV in Manganese (thyroid pathway)
🍐6% of DV in Potassium (thyroid health)
🍐2% of DV in Zinc (immune & Healing)
🍐17% of DV in Copper
🍐Promote cardiovascular health
🍐Promote Colon health
🍐Is hypoallergenic, so great for people with sensitivities
🍐Settle an upset tummy
🍐Quenches Thirst
🍐Decrease risk of Diabetes Type 2
🍐Are anti-inflammatory
🍐Improve Insulin Resistance
🍐Helps body retain calcium, so helps prevent osteoporosis

I love pears with porridge (oats have a different gliadin molecule to other glutenous grains so some people like me are fine with it)
I also love it stewed and of course fresh dipped in peanut butter.

How do you eat your pears? What? You don't buy them? β˜ΉοΈIs it time you did? πŸ˜‰

Love & Hugs
Kylie x