Papaya Improves Thyroid Function

Papaya or Paw Paw depending on where you are from is an unusual fruit which people generally either love or hate. 

Often though the people who say it tastes weird have not had the experience of eating a tree ripened pawpaw, which is so yum!!

But let's look at what this tropical fruit can do for us! Here comes the list...... (oh, and I am not sure what the fruit emoticon is, but I'm going with itsince there are no papayas 😊)

250g of papaya will give you:

🍈224% of DVI in Vitamin C
🍈26% of DVI in Folate
🍈15% of DVI in Vitamin A
🍈14% of DVI in magnesium
🍈14% of DVI in potassium
🍈19% of DVI in fibre
🍈6% of DVI in Vitamin E
🍈8% of DVI in Vitamin K
🍈6% of DVI in Calcium
🍈4% of DVI in Iron
🍈6% of DVI in Manganese
🍈3% of DVI in Selenium
🍈2% of DVI in Zinc
🍈5% of DVI in Omega 3's
🍈5% of DVI in Vitamin B1
🍈5% of DVI in Vitamin B2
🍈6% of DVI in Vitamin B3
🍈6% of DVI in Vitamin B6
🍈Trace amounts of almost all the Amino Acids

On top of that, papaya also is said to:

🍈Prevent cholesterol oxidation
🍈Lower cholesterol levels
🍈Dry up mucus
🍈Helps heal skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
🍈Soothes the gut
🍈Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory
🍈The seeds are anti-parasitic

So, who's ready to try some pawpaw with a drizzle of passionfruit or lime juice?? I can highly recommend both ways!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x