Low Zinc Impairs Thyroid Function

Zinc is needed in our thyroid pathway. It helps to get the tyrosine out of any protein you eat. Tyrosine is the "T" in T3 and T4 so pretty important, right?

What else does zinc do? Let's make a list!!

It is anti-viral
Assists in brain development
Improves immunity
Improves wound healing
Increases leptin levels (fat burning hormone)
Supports the making and action of insulin
Improves memory
Activates tumour suppressor genes
Aides the absorption of B Vitamins
Improves taste & smell
Improves appetite
Improves sperm quality
Improves or prevents stretch marks
Improves macular degeneration
Improves acne
Improves brittle nails
Improves depression
Improves dermatitis
Defends against cadmium, mercury & copper
Involved with hormone regulation
Involved with sugar regulation
Involved with energy cycles
Involved with growth & repair
Involved with sleep & mood
Is one of our defense shield against stress, toxins & infections
Is required in the making of stomach acid
Is required for fluid regulation
Is required for pH regulation
Is required for mood, memory, multi-tasking & abstract thinking
Is needed for feeling alert
Is needed for cholesterol metabolism
Decreases allergies
Is needed for joint health
Activates Vitamin A

Oh my, this is one of the longest lists I have written and I'm sure we could find more uses for zinc if we tried! But instead of researching more, I am going to look at what foods contain zinc ­čśë

Love & Hugs
Kylie x