Lemon Water Improves Thyroid Function

What doesn't Lemon Water do? - should be the title of this one!!

Ready for another List???? πŸ˜

Alkalises the body
Cleanses the Liver
Improves digestion
Flushes out toxins
Improves our electrolyte balance
Reduce pain
Reduces inflammation
Regulate the bowel
Regulate the immune system
Improve anxiety and depression
Reduce blood pressure
Improve skin health
Improve gout symptoms
Dissolve calcium build up
Dissolve kidney stones
Improve heart health
Improve nerve function
Relieve bloating and indigestion
Detoxifies the blood
Improves Energy
Is antiviral

To make life easy for me, we have about 6 Lemon Bushes (not trees) which here in Australia are from Bunnings and called "Lots a Lemons" because they produce sooooo many lemons and are designed to grow in a pot. 
So they actually look like a bush, not a traditional lemon tree. At the time of writing this, we have just finished harvesting for this year and my husband has juiced up all the lemons and frozen them into icecubes. They then get put into the bottom of the chest freezer where they last me until next years harvest.  

I then get out one container at a time and it is easy to add one cube to either cold water or hot water depending on the weather. EASY!

Yay for lemon water!!! I love it!! Do you??

Love & Hugs
Kylie x