Jerusalem Artichokes Improve Thyroid Function

Jerusalem Artichokes are funny looking root vegetables that look a little like knobs of ginger.

The first time I had them was in a fancy hotel and I ordered scallops on potato & Jerusalem Artichoke Mash. I was feeling adventurous at the time and wow, was I glad of that!! Sooooooo yummy!

They have a slightly sweet flavour that lend themselves to all sorts of dishes.

Let's have a look at what is inside these little delights! 1 cup of sliced Jerusalem Artichokes contain:

🌱 10% of DRI in Vitamin C (Adrenals)
🌱 1% of DRI in Vitamin E (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 20% of DRI in Vitamin B1 (Thyroid Health)
🌱 5% of DRI in Vitamin B2 (Thyroid Pathway)
🌱 10% of DRI in Vitamin B3 (Mental Health)
🌱 6% of DRI in Vitamin B6
🌱 5% of DRI in Folate
🌱 2% of DRI in Calcium
🌱 28% of DRI in Iron (Fatigue)
🌱 6% of DRI in Magnesium
🌱 12% of DRI in Phosphorous
🌱 18% of DRI in Potassium (thyroid health)
🌱 1% of DRI in Zinc (healing & reproduction)
🌱 10% of DRI in Copper (careful if you have allergies)
🌱 4% of DRI in Manganese
🌱 2% of DRI in Selenium (thyroid pathway)
🌱 10% of DRI in Fiber (hormones)
🌱 Glycemic load of 11
🌱 A rich source of prebiotics
🌱 High in Inulin

So if you haven't tried these, I urge you to give them a go. I love them just baked in the oven (like a potato) but they are amazing in soups too.

Let me know if you eat them, and if so how??

Love & Hugs
Kylie x