Iced Coffee Lowers Thyroid Function

I know there will be some sad faces reading this. There will be some stubborn faces too! LOL! That's ok! As long as we know what we are eating and drinking we can still make our own choices.

A standard 500ml iced coffee for a start contains around 14 teaspoons of sugar! Sugar is toxic to our thyroid, plus we already have an impaired sugar metabolism so adding more is just crazy.

Then we have the coffee component which impairs iron absorption and stresses the adrenals which in turn lowers the thyroid.

Next, we have the milk, which is inflammatory to our already inflamed body and contributes to an acid body and excess mucous.

I know it's yummy! I know it's addictive! But I also know that we can't begin to feel better if we are drinking this on a regular basis.

Here is a recipe for a Magnesium Chocolate Shake which can help to replace the iced coffee :

Love & Hugs
Kylie x