High Cortisol Lowers Thyroid Function

Cortisol is the hormone our adrenal glands produce in response to stress, regardless of cause. So physical, mental and emotional stress will all trigger our adrenals to produce cortisol.

We need cortisol..... in the right amounts!!

The problem lies in the fact that we all seem to be under some form of stress 24 hours a day. Just having thyroid disease puts our body under physical stress and no doubt, for most of us, emotional stress too.

Our adrenals and our thyroid function the best when they are two buddies balancing on a see-saw (teeter-totter for the non-Australians). We want them to be equally happy floating in the air together.

When they are not happy and balancing both of the are either up or down. So if our adrenals are up then our thyroid will be down and when our adrenals are down our thyroid is up.

So we can deduce from this dear Watson that our adrenal health is just as important as our thyroid health. You can't have one healthy without the other being healthy.

Love & Balanced Hugs
Kylie x