Grapefruit Improves Thyroid Function

I loooove Grapefruit!!

Most mornings, part of my breakfast is a ruby grapefruit, either juiced, put in a smoothie or just eaten whole. Loooove them!

Grapefruit has been linked over the years to reducing cellulite and weight loss. So let's have a look at what is in an average grapefruit.

1 whole grapefruit contains:

๐ŸŠ118% of DVI of Vitamin C (Adrenal health)
๐ŸŠ14% of DVI of Vitamin A (Thyroid Pathway)
๐ŸŠ12% of DVI of Fibre (Hormone metabolism)
๐ŸŠ10% of DVI of Potassium
๐ŸŠ8% of DVI of Biotin
๐ŸŠ8% of DVI of Vitamin B1
๐ŸŠ4% of DVI of Protein
๐ŸŠ4% of DVI of Vitamin B2 (Thyroid Pathway)
๐ŸŠ4% of DVI of Vitamin B3 (mental health)
๐ŸŠ6% of DVI of Vitamin B6
๐ŸŠ6% of DVI of Folate (Liver & MTHR)
๐ŸŠ2% of DVI of Vitamin E (Thyroid Pathway)
๐ŸŠ4% of DVI of Calcium
๐ŸŠ6% of DVI of Magnesium (Stress & Sugar)
๐ŸŠ2% of DVI of Manganese
๐ŸŠ2% of DVI of Selenium (Thyroid Pathway)
๐ŸŠ2% of DVI of Zinc (thyroid pathway)
๐ŸŠ2% of DVI of Iron (thyroid pathway)

On top of that, grapefruit are also said to:

๐ŸŠBe extremely high in antioxidants
๐ŸŠInhibit tumour formation
๐ŸŠInhibit breast cancer
๐ŸŠLower cholesterol (particularly red grapefruit)
๐ŸŠPrevent kidney stone formation
๐ŸŠProtect against colon cancer
๐ŸŠRepair DNA damage
๐ŸŠStrengthen blood vessels
๐ŸŠImprove Digestion
๐ŸŠAid weight loss
๐ŸŠReduce plaque in the arteries
๐ŸŠReduce appetite
๐ŸŠAlleviate Insomnia

Wow! How awesome is this fruit?!

Finally, let's talk about the dangers. Grapefruit has an additive effect on some medications and on others it can make it difficult for the body to process and excrete, keeping the medication in the body for a lot longer than designed.

So if you are on medication, talk to your doctor first. If it has been suggested you should take a statin for your cholesterol and you haven't started yet - perhaps try having a RUBY grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed) every morning for a month and then retest your cholesterol before deciding on medication.

As for the mix with thyroid medication, it may have a decreasing effect in the blood stream, meaning you may need more medication. However, I have been eating grapefruit daily for years (about an hour or two AFTER my medication) and I have reduced my medication substantially not increased it. So I guess it is up to you to talk to your doctor or try it out for yourself.

With all those lovely vitamins and minerals, it is worth further research if you are worried about eating it before you decide don't you think?

Love & Pink Hugs
Kylie x