Folic Acid Improves Thyroid Function

Folic Acid, Folinic Acid, Folate, Folacin, or Vitamin B9 we are talking about here. 

Folic Acid is required for the following functions in our body

🌱Metabolism of purines
🌱DNA Repair
🌱Tyrosine metabolism (the "T" in T3 & T4)
🌱Methylation pathway (liver health MTHR)
🌱Reduces chromosome mutations
🌱Synthesis of noradrenaline
🌱Synthesis of serotonin

It is used therapeutically for issues such as

🌱Crohn's Disease
🌱Diabetes Type II
🌱Memory loss
🌱Menstrual irregularities
🌱Mental Illness
🌱Nueral tube defects (pregnancy)
🌱Low Libido
🌱Zinc Deficiency

So where do we find this wonderous Vitamin?

🌱1 cup Lentils gives 90% of DRI
🌱1 cup Garbanzo Beans gives 71% of DVI
🌱1 cup Asparagus gives 67% of DRI
🌱1 cup Spinach gives 66% of DRI
🌱1 cup Beets gives 34% of DRI
🌱2 cups Romaine Lettuce gives 32% of DRI
🌱1 Medium Papaya gives 26% of DRI
🌱1 cup green peas gives 22% of DRI
🌱1 cup Avocado gives 30% of DRI
🌱1/4 cup sunflower seeds gives 20% of DRI
🌱1 medium orange gives 10% of DRI
🌱3/4 cup Quinoa gives 19% of DRI
🌱1 cup Kidney Beans gives 58% of DRI
🌱1 cup onions gives 8% of DRI
🌱1/4 cup peanuts gives 22% of DRI

So it looks like its Legumes for the win when it comes to high amounts of Folic Acid!! We talked about cauliflower recently and how many of you were eating it daily for the folate content. 1 cup of cauliflower contains 8.6% of DRI, so we can see that there are many other options with a higher content, so that we don't have to use a goitrogen (cauliflower) which may be inhibiting our thyroid at the same time. (It blocks iodine).

It is important to remember, that if we are taking this in supplement form because of the MTHR gene mutation then it needs to be activated. That means it needs to say on the bottle: 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate

Love & Legume Hugs
Kylie x