Excess Iodine Lowers Thyroid Function

Whenever I take my products to a Health Expo, I always get approached by people selling Iodine, wanting me to take on and promote their product.

They are always surprised (and usually a little put out) to hear me say I don't promote taking Iodine as a stand alone supplement.

There is a huge reason for this. 

An EXCESS and a DEFICIENCY in ANYTHING (even good stuff) will often look the same. Meaning we get the same symptoms.

I did my final paper before graduating as a naturopath on Iodine and the Thyroid. During that research it became really evident to me that taking iodine as a stand alone supplement could very easily tip us over to an Excess without realising it and then taking more because it feels like we still are not taking enough!

It is important to remember that iodine has been used in the past to slow down a hyper thyroid, so that tells us the effect it can have.

During my paper I also discovered that half of the cases of goitre were caused by too much iodine, and the other half by not enough. Too much also causes inflammation in the thyroid, which we desperately want to avoid.

I try my best to get what I need from food. In some cases I also take supplements, BUT I never take Iodine on its own.

The thyroid supplement I take, does contain a small amount of iodine, but it is balanced with other things needed in our thyroid pathway.

So I would love to know how many of us here are taking a stand alone iodine supplement and is it working out for you?

Love & Hugs
Kylie x