Epstein Barr Virus Can Initiate Thyroid Disease

Epstein-Barr virus is also called Glandular Fever here in Australia, I think the term in America is Mono. (someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

This is usually suffered in the late teens for the first time and for this reason is also known as the "kissing disease" becuase it is contagious through saliva.

When I was studying naturopathy, there was a theory presented to us that perhaps thyroid disease was caused by a virus, although this has not been proven.

Just recently I read, what some would call, a WOO WOO book called The Medical Medium. I purchased it and read it with fascination, and although his source are his angels, alot of the information contained in the book made perfect sense. 

He states that the virus hides in our organs (such as the thyroid) and our immune system in an effort to kill the virus hidden in the organ, kills the organ too. Which is essentially how autoimmune disease works, however currently science is not really talking about why our immune system is attacking us.

So if you are up for a good read, check it out. 

I dare you!

Love & Hugs
Kylie x